I would like to know your opinion on the use of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes. Personally, I think it is a great, natural remedy for many illnesses. It helps with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and has even been proven to kill cancer cells. It is also great to add to your tobacco when you decide to smoke your pipe and just think about things and enjoy nature. It really helps you absorb your surroundings and think deeper about things.

What is your personal opinion?

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That is what I said.  "You can teach them and show them but you cant force them."   Your responsibility ends there.  THey 

We need to stop trying to micromanage everything.  Unless we want cameras in our house and everywhere we go. People at the end of the day are going to do dumb stuff.  People want to get high, for whatever reason.  If they don't have access to real stuff, they find amazing inventive ways to get high, which are usually a whole lot more harmful.  

Someone wants to smoke weed everyday than let them, its going to cost to much in time and money to stop them.   They want help to stop be there for them. You can only control so much.   

I think you missed my point.  Its not about personal responsibility, its the enforced cost to society of dealing with them. What do you do when you have to pay for their choice on a societal level?  I think that we should tax items at their social cost up front.

Solve the social cost equation in a way that the person is paying in advance.  Then talk about freedom.


That's fine with me.  We have spent over a trillion dollars since our war on drugs started, could have gone to far better things.  

D more research, it does not damage the brain, that study was an animal cruelty case, where they forced monkeys to inhale smoke for 24 hours everyday, no stopping. When you do that, of course you're going to have death and brain cells dying.

There is so little data on the long term effects i humans, I think it is again a tad optimistic to believe that their is no impact on the brain... Considering most people I know who smoke weed regularly are babbling morons.

At the end of the day, you are breathing flaming plants into your lungs. Its not good for you.  Just because the Indians did it, does not mean its good for you, just because the oils have arguable health benefits does not mean smoking it is good for you.

Honey is good for you, but I am not going to set honeycomb on fire and breathe in the smoke and pretend its a health benefit.

Agreed. The long term, heavy users that I know all have gained short term memory problems, bad social anxiety type disorders and have thrown away friends and family as they retreat into themselves.

I personally think marijuana is disgusting and I resent many marijuana users and their lifestyles, but I see no reason why my feelings should get in the way of someone's freedom to do what they want to their body. I try to discourage my friends and colleagues from the use of this drug, however, as I do not want to see them ruin their lives with drugs.

I'm generally in favour of the Dutch approach - they have decriminalised possession of up to a certain amount for personal use. It's still technically illegal but nothing is done about it. As someone said, there's very little chance of being jailed for possession (for personal use - dealing would be a different matter) here in the UK but there are fines etc. I think the money spent on administration of the fines and chasing unpaid ones could be spent on more important things to be honest.

I'm not for legalisation as it would end up being legal but regulated within an inch of its life like alcohol & tobacco are. For the record I also think those things should be much less regulated than they are now.

I have personally tried marijuana once. At the time I didn't realize that such states of consciousness were possible. Most of my life I spent perceiving and feeling the world a certain way, and having that all changed is mind blowing. It got me really interested in neuroscience and how the brain works, as I sought to discover how such other-worldly experiences are possible.

While I am all for legalizing it, I do see potential for abuse. While it is not physically addictive, like almost any good thing it can be psychologically addictive. I've seen people use it way too much and let it hold them back from achieving and improving their life. Although in moderation I really don't see a problem.

I've been trying to keep my mouth shut on this but what the hell... I live in Colorado and it's legal to buy, grow, sell, smoke, eat, drink (yes you read that right.) There's even cosmetics that have THC in them.  The thing I've noticed around here is that when something is legal no one gives a damn. I came from Oklahoma where it's illegal and probably always will be.  I had more conversations about marijuana in Oklahoma then I've had in Colorado. People just treat it like it's just another thing.  Basically people smoke it to get high, not because it's the thing to do. Does that make sense? It's also not a free for all like the news makes it sound like. Dispensaries that are recreational require ID, and there's tons of rules and time limits.  And from what I understand there's live stream footage that the FBI has access to anytime they want just to make sure nothing shady is going on. On the medical side you can only go to those with a medical card, which means you have an actual diagnosed medical condition. It's not like theres a bunch of Skaters and Rastafarians toking up outside of the dispensaries. Everything is professional.  In fact you would think a dispensary was a local clinic or medical office if it wasn't for the green cross out front that signals they sell weed.  Basically everything is professional and no one acts like it's a big deal, because it's not a big deal.  Not to mention it brings in an extra 12 million dollars to Colorado every year, and has created thousands of jobs that are actually sustainable.  Oh and if you want to sell it or work with it you got to go to classes and get a medical card. Just like how the ABLE commission regulates alcohol at bars and liquor stores.  

I think marijuana is degenerate, more than alcohol imo, but I like what I've heard about how the laws in Colorado are set up. The government isn't your mama; you should be allowed to smoke weed.

I believe you should be allowed to do to your own body whatever you want so long as it doesn't affect others. In other words, if you want to do weed, or cocaine, or LSD, have at it - just don't get me involved.


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