For any fellows here who work at a desk, I was curious what stretching or exercise routines you do during the day, since being stagnant in front of a desk isn't really all that healthy.

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I'm not a fan of mixing exercise and office work. You won't be seeing me on one of those goofy-ass desk treadmills.

Use your lunch hour.  You can eat in 15 minutes.  That leaves 45 to do something meaningful.  If your office has a gym, it's pretty easy.  Otherwise, head outdoors and get some cardio.

I usually take a 30 minute walk on my lunch break and try to get up and move around every hour or so.

I also run after work or go to the gym. Just try to be as active as possible.

When I was "chained to the desk," I set a timer to go off every hour.  Then I got up, and took a walk around the office space.  My office was open plan, with a corridor between cubicles that ran around the floor.  About a five minute walk every hour.

I found this site helpful

This shows up under a search for office.

Personally I'm working through the startup program called foundation.
They all are theme workouts and it's free.  The body weight exercises can be done most places. 


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