Stumbled across this site when searching a men's health issue. Seems interesting so I am going to give it a try. I am a 46 year old, happily married (19 yrs), dad of 4 (2 sons, 2 daughters) who loves spending time with my family. I also enjoy working out, bird watching and playing musical instruments. I consider myself a bit of an enigma - white, Puerto Rican, born and raised in the northeast, but love the southeastern US and reside there by choice, a socially conservative Christian who supports gun control. I am amazed that I am trying AoM since I strongly dislike other social media such as facebook and twitter (tried both for a few months) and I am known for not caring much for modern technology – hate to even carry a cell phone and rarely use one. I am very bothered by the culture that I witness that has to constantly carry and be connected to some type of electronic device. Prefer a face to face conversation or just enjoying the outdoors. Anyway, interested in some of the groups here and discussions I have seen. Looking forward to learning more.

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You sound like an interesting guy. Welcome!

Welcome.  I've been married almost 18 years.  :)


"Prefer face to face conversation..." Yes, a site like this can be of value and is of value, but face to face interaction is the stuff of relational growth.

Glad you are here.



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"Hi Brad, thanks for your comment I am glad you understood what I was saying unlike so many others on here who just try to attack me. Just as you said it seems like everyone wishes to make fun of me because everyone else is doing it, so many people…"
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MiCHAEL J K. replied to callum's discussion needing a mentor in the group Manly Mentors
"It is hard being young and married and with a child. As a foster parent and someone who helped raise a brother in law that was having a great deal of problems, I would say find a few or at least one great man close enough to visit from time to…"
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Do you mentor? Have an interest in doing so? Want to connect with others who are making a positive difference in the lives of younger men? Mentoring is not for every man, but if you've felt the call... this is definitely YOUR group!See More
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"I am not an expert in how folks do credit ratings, but I would say take the hit. I worked at one of the largest credit card issuers and I can tell you that people settling on accounts at a certain percent is done quite often. However, sometimes they…"
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"I met another male survivor while helping to run a meeting.  He was abused by his step father starting at 3.  We understood with out talking and looks like I found a good friend. "
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Paying off a large credit card debt vs. settlement? Are there pros? How bad are the cons?

I am going start with the disclaimer: Yes I realize the mistakes I have made to get to this point.As a results of a departure from a job and lifestyle I did not enjoy, and things "not going as well as forecasted" in my early 20s it appears I have accumulated a large debt on a credit card of mine.  The minimum payments are manageable, however don't really get me anywhere, too large of payments are over extending myself since I do have other financial obligations.These obligations are normal ones…See More
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For men with beards to show and share the great life of having a beard. Can there be anything more manly than a beard?
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"Rinsing beans and not cooking them in the water they soaked in drastically reduces the farting. Also, if you eat them regularly your body deals with it and you don't fart like you do if you only eat them sporadically"
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