Need help with dealing with rude & smart*** co-worker?

I am about fed up with trying to figure out exactly what is wrong with this one female co-worker I work with on a daily basis?! I have a wonderful & awesome boss, he is great to work for!!!! It is only us three in the office, which is very nice!! But this lady co-worker is so difficult and just weird!! I don't know if she's bi-polar or what?? I am not making fun of this disease or any for that matter, but if I just knew what the problem was then maybe I could handle this work situation better. I pretty much stay busy in my office anyway, but it would be nice to be able to have a decent and normal conversation with her but she is so just strange, I guess?! She is rude alot of the time or really short and snippy and I have done nothing but simply ask her a question, or made a comment and she looks at me like I'm stupid or just put out BC I ask her a simple question, like do you want to go to lunch first today or what would you like to do? Then maybe one day out of each week, just maybe, she is talkative and pretty nice?!?! Seems like the days I've had enough, and act smart right back, she's nicer to me?!?!?! Is it me, or why can't people just be kind?? I am friendly to everyone, or try to be, maybe I'm too friggin nice?! I'm just mentally and physically tired of it! I'm just not the kind of person that is rude or mean for no apparent reason, until you piss me off or act like a butt all the time, and I'm afraid I'm gonna go off one day BC I let it build up till I've had enough, then she's gonna get it, and I dont want to do this!! HELP! Thanks in advance!!!

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When she's acting rude, call her out on it and ask her if something's bothering her. If she says "no", then let her know that you were just wondering, because she's being hateful/rude/a royal bitch/ or whatever adjective you prefer. If you do not wish to go that route, then quit trying to be friendly, and keep it strictly business.

If you have a good relationship with your boss, why not discuss this with him. Maybe he can help you how to deal with her. 

I wouldn't involve your boss in this.  Handle it yourself.

Thanks Todd! No, I'm not going to involve the boss, bc he's a outstanding man to work for and this is something I can take care of. I just needed some advice from others bc she is a real piece of work. Don't think I've ever dealt with someone so friggin strAnge, one day she's descent and the next she's Satan! Just hate the stinking rollercoaster ride, just stupid! I would rather work with 10 men than one woman any day! Stayed so busy this week and avoided any talks with her so the less I try to talk or make jokes the better, she's a little nicer. Shit, I don't have to or wanna be best buds, I just hate the rudeness but things will get better just keeping my distance, haha!

I just noticed your name is Sheila, and hence you are probably not a man.  In that case, things are different.  You have a lot more options.  One of them is to go up to her and say -- "Listen, bi***, I've had it with your sh**.  I don't like you and I could care less if you like me.  I'm taking lunch first and that's the way it is.  Have a nice day."

Of course, it could be the scotch talking.  Point is, as a woman, you can be a lot more direct with her.  Best of luck.

How old is she? Her behaviour is all on her and nothing to do with you, but that doesnt make it any more pleasant for you. I just wonder is she younger and maybe insecure, ungrounded or hormonal or is she older, bitter and afraid of any perceived competition?

I find being direct and polite can throw them off enough to stop or at least know not to pull their crap on you. Such as, ..."Nevermind. If you are going to speak rudely then save it for someone else." Then make an exit even if it just to your desk or down the hall. 

Some good advice already given - which are you going to do?


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