I am an 18 years old boy in High School. I am more old fashioned than new trending mode. And as I wear old clothes they tell me that I appear to be strange. I need some tips how to combine my clothes to be more cool and look like a gentleman. 

Another problem is with my face that I don't know how to manage my hair, and facial hair. Usually I cut them shortly as possible but now I am leaving them like more long. The problem with my hair that it is damn straight and it can't be managed well. Another thing that I want to tips on is some reactions or habits that one gentleman should own. I want to make my look more masculine possible. I am posting some photos of me so you could give me any advice possible ... I have a strange problem too ... Acne appear and dissapear very quickly. Any tips ?

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So when I will grown more I will change in good ?

+1 on the skinny jeans. Those are for women.

If you're clean and neat, including with your facial hair, you're fine, in high school, IMO. If you want something to concern yourself with, watch the fit/size of your clothes. Subtleties there can take a lifetime to learn. But for the most part, I think a kid trying to stand out by dressing well is giving himself double trouble - trouble in finding and affording clothes, and trouble in strange looks and worse from peers. If it's something you really like or that is important to you, and you understand the implications of time, money, and relationships, do what you want. But people who like worrying about clothes rarely need advice about them.

Thanks. these photos are actually two months old but I see that facial hair is growing too quickly and as some of my friends told me to change the hairstyle and I don't know what to do ... So you suggest me to not dress like more mature than my age ?

I suggest if you dress other differently than those your age, it will be hard and expensive to find clothes, and your friends may not like it. You may like dressing different than those your age enough to make up for this, but this is what will happen.

On acne, what finally helped me was benzoyl peroxide cream. You can get it in American drugstores and online, but I don't know where you get it in Albania.

A liquid "soap" labeled for the face will also help.

I prefer salicylic acid in clear, liquid form, applied with a cotton ball. This is usually labeled a "toner" here. It is the most common acne treatment in the USA, and comes in many forms.

Benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid are both topical antibiotics.

Thanks sincerely  !!

Bruno, I bought a book recently 'DETAILS: Men's Style Manual'. It is the knees bees.

You should check it out. It's like $15 on Amazon. I actually used the guide to dress up for a Christmas Eve get together and actually got complimented on my appearance. So, I think there is something to be said about the book.

The easiest way to look more grown up is to wear clothes that fit.  Pay attention to the fit, and you could look good in a bedsheet. 


So much of it is nothing more than the self confidence with which you wear it.  From your photos, you appear basically self confident, so that's likely not an issue.


For the rest, though, you should focus on the details.  It's not just the clothes, but also the fingernails, the skin care, the haircut, etc.  Pay attention to the details, and keep them classic.  They may not seem important, but they are.

I agree with the advice given already, and I truly think you should find the look that best suits the lifestyle you want to lead.  If you want to experience more polished aspects of life, buy some peices in your wardrobe that fit those aspects.  Also, in your planning, give yourself some broader experiences like eating out at nicer places so you will actually utilize the peices you have added to your closet.  Feel free to contact me anytime to talk about style and such since it is my interest and what my new business focuses on. 

Well Bruno, as I see it your body and head are trim and the ideal platform to look quite gentlemanly. Your hair and head seem quite suited to take on a side partition, probably best on your right side. Keep your hair as long as it is, or a little longer to look more playful. 

As for dressing: The last picture is very good for a man your age. Anything more might be misconstrued as 'trying too hard'. The only thing is that the fit is a bit of, so you look smaller and thinner than need be. For what I can see your shirt is too large. If you're buying a shirt you won't be wearing with a tie (and let's be honest, you won't be wearing a tie), try buying one collar size too small. This prevents the 'droop' of the collar as we can see now. 

Furthermore, the jacket seems a tad large. Someone who's as trim as you benefits from a jacket that's quite tight in the shoulders, and nicely taken in in the middle. Don't trust the people that sell them to you! They usually are out to sell you a 'comfortable' jacket, in stead of a perfect looking one. There's usually one or two sizes between them. 

Never ever think a larger jacket will make you look broader or stronger. It'll actually make you look smaller. 

Thanks a lot :)


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