I'm interested in hearing about others' experiences with different career paths or changes in career. 

Growing up, I always envisioned my career path being somewhat linear. I'd go to college, discover my passion and purpose, pursue that passion in the form of a career, and progress to the top. I've found that this isn't the case and have experimented with new work. 

luccabozzi.com is my latest business endeavor. This will be my 2nd official attempt at creating a viable startup. I spent every summer doing summer school in college and graduated early with a degree in finance. I thought it was going to pursue a career in finance, but decided to take a gamble. As was the hype back then, I had a genius app idea (or so I thought). Well as story goes, my genius app idea barely got off the ground before crashing. Long story short, I had no more money left and applied to a bunch of jobs in my field. Worked in corporate finance for a year and found it wasn't for me. That year was a very very miserable year. So I decided to push myself again. While continuing to work that job I simultaneously saved money and still tried to make something happen with the app and create the solar wallet.

Luckily while I was working in the corporate world, I met a few people who had run really successful Kickstarter projects and I became really good friends with them and benefited a great deal from their mentorship. Today, after about a year of work on the solar wallet, I’m gearing up for launch. Filming the video on the 23rd and in the midst of building the Kickstarter page. My hope/goal: Kickstarter launch in March-April. I'll be running ads to the land page pretty soon. I want it to be as perfect as possible and get some eyes on it beforehand in case there's something glaring I'm missing, so if anyone has ANY kind of feedback - good, bad and ugly - I'm all ears. 

Regardless, I'd really appreciate hearing your experiences with career change, how you've honed in on combining your passion with work, and thoughts on entrepreneurship. 

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Hey man! A bit of feedback about this statement on your site:

"Trust us to make the last wallet you'll ever dream of."

I know that what you want to imply is that your customers will never want / need another wallet after getting yours but the way it's written actually has a negative connotation, as in "this is the last thing I'd ever want" or, in other words, "there are a million things I would prefer over this".

Maybe ask the gang here for suggestions on a better way to phrase what you're implying.

Hey Lumberjoe, thank you for that! I never even looked at it that way. Super helpful.

I know a guy (previous co-worker) whose brother has done really well with a similar concept of solar chargers in backpacks. It may take a while, and yeah, make sure your online presence is metastasized. Good luck man... only con I can think of is that my wallet rarely sees daylight as it's in my back pocket. Maybe a slide-out solar panel that can be deployed to a dashboard or something? Cant really see how I would get use out of leaving my wallet lying in the sunlight where someone could make off with it. 

Thank you, Forge. We were experimenting with that concept but ultimately this came out to be the best overall design. Regarding your wallet not seeing daylight - we actually house a super thin battery inside the wallet so you get about 1200-2000mAh (about an iPhone 7 0-100% charge). You have the option of recharging via wall outlet with the micro-usb we provide. But honestly we thought the same thing about our wallets not seeing the light of day and once we started monitoring our usage, we were surprised of the amount of times the wallet is out catching light... kitchen countertop, bedroom dresser, etc. and it can absorb light even from overhead lights so it's not always in the morning/day that you can recharge via solar panel.

Which would be the wattage of said wallet?

Hey Gentleman Engineer, excellent question! About 1200-2000 depending on SKU. 


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