Hey all, I recently came across the MBTI personality test and I narrowed my results down to ENTJ or "The Commander." It tells you a bunch of stuff about yourself based on how your answers align with the 16 personality types defined in the quiz's logic. I was intrigued by the groupings and it feels a bit more legitimate than horoscopes or other baloney. Thoughts?

Here's the link to the quiz I used: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

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I got INTJ-A. I don't generally give much validity to internet quizzes, but the results do seem fairly accurate. It might not be scientific, but I suppose it's a convenient way to summarize your personality.

It's more of a spectrum of sorts. If it's something one can take stock in, I am definitely in ISTJ territory, but I lean toward INTJ as well.

Everytime I've taken one I've been labeled 'INTJ' -- on the borderline of 'ENTJ'.

These kind of things are fine if you take them for what they're worth ... not much. They don't define you. They categorize you, fairly sloppily. They're more legit than horoscopes only because they ask questions, and give results based on the answers, rather than just spouting off hack nonsense based on your birthday. But, the efficacy of categorizing people based on a few questions is questionable. And, people lie. They often answer how they wish they were rather than how they actually are.


Last 2 sentences are gold.

Had an interesting discussion with a lady at my church who has a psych degree and works at a mental healthcare place. She says MBTI is pretty legit if you have the self awareness and honesty for it (and I'm sure most everybody likes to think he does). But she says the reasoning behind it is sound.

I don't see much value in it.  I get that I'm an introvert, but the other axes, how does it help?

It's a decent tool to, depending on how you interpret the old saying, "know thyself." And, she said that she took an MBTI test for her job.

INFP :)  

Don't recall exactly what my result is, but my Myers-Briggs assessments have been quite consistent over the years. I found that I did best in jobs that seemed to be intuitive "fits" with my Myers-Briggs assessments.
Myers-Briggs gives a VERY broad outline of one's personality, but it's not a definitive measure.

When i did it it was mostly INTJ or ENTJ. Quite strange that so many ohters seem to be the same especially since those two are said to be among the rarer. Brings up the question if certain types tend to circle around internet forums.

That said, i tend to agree with Jack on the fact that is is not so dissimilar to a horoscope. On the other hand, reading up on it a couple of years back helped me o understand my introversion better and not wonder why i dont care for certain things everybody else seems to be crazy about.

Not sure it's internet forums so much as this forum in particular. Every time this subject comes up, we're way heavy on INTJs ... which is a heavily male personality type and a very analytical one. Makes sense that this group would draw that kind.


On an anime forum I used to use, there was a thread on this and I remember half the people on there coming up with INTJ. INTJ is definitely a type that likes the internet and forums. 


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