Hey all, I recently came across the MBTI personality test and I narrowed my results down to ENTJ or "The Commander." It tells you a bunch of stuff about yourself based on how your answers align with the 16 personality types defined in the quiz's logic. I was intrigued by the groupings and it feels a bit more legitimate than horoscopes or other baloney. Thoughts?

Here's the link to the quiz I used: https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test

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I got a pretty different result from most of the others who have responded, but I can be a bit different anyway. :) My result was ISFP-T, the adventurer...

Happy to Be Who They Are

Adventurers live in a colorful, sensual world, inspired by connections with people and ideas. These personalities take joy in reinterpreting these connections, reinventing and experimenting with both themselves and new perspectives. No other type explores and experiments in this way more. This creates a sense of spontaneity, making Adventurers seem unpredictable, even to their close friends and loved ones.

I took another personality test back in college, and I remember the result was the "free spirit" category, which was similar and seems to be in line with the Myers Briggs result of adventurer.

INTP master race reporting in.

While doubting in the veracity of such, one would most oft obtain a designation not dissimilar, or that of INTJ.

I've taken this quiz a few times. Usually end up as an ENFP or ENTP

While I do not discredit such as a means for thinking about yourself and learning, it is not standardized nor is it accurate. The largest problem with it, however, is that it tries to over-categorize people. Humans are just too complex to whittle down to one of ten types.

Another issue with it is that it is self-report, and does not offer any criterea for each question. Therefore, it's based on one's self-guestimate.

My other main problem is that it falsely expects that all humans are exactly the same (consistent) in all settings, times, levels of tiredness, etc. For example, while I might be very, very outgoing in a setting in which I am the focus of the group, I might be very very insecure and shy in a party setting, whereas I might be neither if the group consists of children, etc, etc, etc.

But all these can be summed up into one category: it's not standardized -and cannot be standardized, and cannot (or should not) be used to define oneself or others.

Incidentally, if it was standardized and accurate, it would need to be assessed by a psychiatrist or other professional to be valid.

One would concur. Y-Wise, the statements of correlation with the designations of aforementioned in association with one—INTP & INTJ—would fail to exist without veracity to that manner which would would possess.

I find it interesting how many of us are "NT" types, mainly ENTJs and INTJs. That means most of the "manly" people out there rely on instincts instead of physical sense (N), objectively think on decisions rather than "feel" the right answer (T), and we are more structured rather than disorganized (J).

Or maybe that NTs are the people most likely to post on a message board about masculinity. :)

The T isn't about thinking your way to a right answer, it's about how you relate to people when you make decisions: are you more likely to consider the opinions and values of others in whatever context you find yourself (F), or more likely to rely on what you consider "universal truth" regardless of the circumstances (T)?

The manliest man I know is an ISTP.

I got ENTJ toó.
And agree with you

INTJ, very I and J.

I am INFP or INTP. That's why I can't seem to be accurate in these types of tests. I seem to be halfway in-between each time I take it, so I'm basically both, depending on the questions. Usually F/T are close enough where it's either. basically 50% thinking and 50% feeling. And T and F are somewhat opposites.


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