Ever since I was 11 or 12, I have been very lazy with my life. I had to deal with a lot of mental issues most of my life. I had pretty severe depression for years, since I was 9 or 10. Now I'm turning 19 in a few weeks.

I feel like this decade (or more) of depression, social isolation, and basically no structure or discipline, has caused my mind to feel devoid of any motivation for anything. I sit at home all day, besides going to school, and just read books and internet. I barely do anything, but that. I don't have a job, only in summer. I don't have a car or driver's license. Never had a relationship. And I have so many dreams for my future, that I can't choose which one to pursue. Now I sit here and am about to graduate high school, with no skills, goals, or anything.

The only thing I know is that I want to have some kind of creative job where I make books/comics/music/films/video games. I am interested in all of those things, unfortunately. I think about different stories and stuff that I make up in my head all the time. But which thing should I pick? And why don't I want to begin pursuing my dreams? I feel stuck in a certain mindset. I haven't really worked on any sort of skill since I was 10 years old when I programmed a few crappy video games and had straight A's in school. Once I hit middle school and was really depressed, it was gone. I am so confused why I'm so lazy still.

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One cannot concur. Those institutions educational—despite those protestation to the contrary—do dislike those exterior to the sigma. One engaged in a manner not dissimilar to the fellow of aforemention throughout those scholastics secondary in nature. However, about those hours exterior to scholastics formal, one engaged in scholastics informal. The majority vast of the knowledge and abilities which one may lay claim were of acquisition exterior to scholastics formal.

The library—and now those communications digital—proffer information to a degree which would stagger those of generations previous. One should make utilisation of such for the expanse of knowledge and ability. Creation seeks those for whom creation exudes. One should strive to exist as such.

If one neglects the fundamentals, or devotes but cursory attention to a mastery of the basics (The Scholastic Rigor of the pre-collegiate formal education), it matters not how creative one is.  One is thus ill-equipped to exercise innate creativity.

Organization and routine always accomplish more than undirected creativity...unless one is the incarnation of Heinlein's Waldo.

"Most foolproof way to stop being lazy?"

Get up and start doing stuff. Then don't stop.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.


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