Does anyone use mint on this site?

My main questions are what do you like and dis-like.

Also can two people share or link accounts so my wife and I can use the service.


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I presume you are not referring to the plants, since this is in Money & Careers.

If it's related to plants, I really dislike spearmint. I much prefer peppermint. Chocolate peppermint isn't actually named such due to the taste, but in its color in relation to generic peppermint.

This past Spring, I picked up something called "strawberry mint," which was quite a nice surprise. It really did have a strawberry-like scent. I am excited it has come back, and am hoping it is larger than last year. I would love to see what kind of herbal infusion it will make.

Mint is a personal finance software to help with budgeting. 

There is chocolate mint that tastes like it sounds. We had some in our garden when I was a child. If this is your first time planting mint, expect it to take over everything in the garden. Mint tends to do that.

Hey David,

I use Mint regularly to keep track of my budget and debts. I like that it puts together all of my accounts and makes it easy for me to see how much money I spend. I'm trying to figure out if Mint can send alerts to your phone via email or text when you go over budget or something.

Some things I don't like about Mint is that many times, connections to my accounts "go wrong" without a proper explanation as to why. Also, it's a bit worrisome to think that someone could access all your accounts by acquiring your password.

As for linked accounts, I'm not to sure. But I would think that you both have joint accounts and share each others debts and work together to lower it. Maybe you could share a single Mint account and call it a joint Mint account?

My wife and I looked at it.  We decided against it on a few points.

One HUGE security concern on allowing access.  Really huge.

Two it will not work for how we manage money.  It sums all the cash into one account or two checking and savings.  We use an electronic envelope system.

Our accounts are as follows.

Main account -What we draw on for regular monthly spending.

Backup Pool (Emergency Fund)

Non-monthly - for quarterly, and annual costs like vet bills and car costs.


Gifts and Travel

Savings account for our son.


Mint just sees this broken out setup as one summed cashflow.  For how we bank, it does not work.

You could also try a different system by Dave Ramsey. It's called EveryDollar. I haven't used it, but I hear its pretty good. Ramsey likes to use the envelope system in his counseling, maybe everydollar is set up like that.

I'm not sure how my system is very different from his envelope system.  I like Ramsey for a few things but I disagree on his views in investing and credit cards. 

But he is a good entertainer. 


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