It would probably be pretty loud to call it an actual obsession, since as far as they do, mine is pretty light, but since it's there, and since it's bothering me, I'll ask anyway.

My obsession comes from escapism, I'd say. I always get very hyped about some made-up world I see in fantasy\ sci-fi movies, especially Star Wars and The Elder Scrolls series (don't laugh). Every time I come across it on tv, or if there's some new product of the series coming out, I'm all over it, and I get this urge to play one of the games. And I do it, a lot. Why I consider it a light obsession? Because even though I do play the heck out of all these games, and research all the lore, I don't go around cosplaying, using in-universe languages, or joining the Jedi religion (the Brits know what I'm talking about).

Seeing as how simply excluding these things from life is hardly an option - I'd really have to live under a rock not to see Star Wars on tv (at the very least) - I figured I'd ask you's people how I could 'get over it', and stop obsessing about such made up things. Yes, I realize they're great, I realize they've become a more-or-less major cultural phenomenon, but there are definitely better things to obsess over, are there not?

Oh yes, and since we're on this subject, how about a tip on getting over social media platforms?


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As other posters suggested, your interests aren't inappropriate if you're school-aged. On the other hand, they are pretty sedentary and have a limited application in real life. So it's understandable you would like to move beyond them.

Basically, you could stand to branch out a bit, develop some new interests. Sounds like you could use some new projects/hobbies/recreations to work on.

I've gone through phases when I was bored and stuck in a rut, and it was easy to default to something providing instant gratification. Anything from drinking to lots of TV-watching to World of Warcraft to posting too much on social media.

But I solved that by becoming more proactive about my interests. These days I have a lot of projects underway, and I just don't have time to waste an evening getting drunk or even watching TV or a movie. I have too much stuff I want to be working on.

My advice: Start exploring new challenges: Scuba diving, sky diving, weight lifting, running, salsa dancing, skeet shooting, whatever. Just try stuff. Even if you get bored with each new activity after a few months or a year, you’ll have some new experiences. After enough years, you’ll stumble onto a few things that you enjoy, and you’ll have had an interesting life.

Just generally: Find out what’s fun for you. In my own case, I pretty much re-invent myself fresh every two years or so. When I'm getting ready to re-invent myself, I start 6 months to a year early by picking up a "Poker for Dummies" book or a "Sky Diving for Dummies" book or whatever. I read 3-4 pages while drinking my morning coffee and make a few notes. It might take me anywhere from a couple weeks to 6 months to get through the book that way, but by the end of that time I’m ready to go for it.

I take daily small steps on each project, and I have lots of projects in various stages of development. If one doesn't work out, it's not a big deal because I have other things to focus on. If a project falls through, that just frees up time that I can use on something else that might interest me.

If you find yourself honestly stumped for ideas on what to do, here's a book suggestion: "Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life," by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans. It's a best-seller currently on the market. It's based on a class taught at Stanford University in California for college kids trying to figure out what to do with their lives. But it can be used at any phase in life. I've read it, and it's quite inventive in its approach. Check out the reviews at or


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