It would probably be pretty loud to call it an actual obsession, since as far as they do, mine is pretty light, but since it's there, and since it's bothering me, I'll ask anyway.

My obsession comes from escapism, I'd say. I always get very hyped about some made-up world I see in fantasy\ sci-fi movies, especially Star Wars and The Elder Scrolls series (don't laugh). Every time I come across it on tv, or if there's some new product of the series coming out, I'm all over it, and I get this urge to play one of the games. And I do it, a lot. Why I consider it a light obsession? Because even though I do play the heck out of all these games, and research all the lore, I don't go around cosplaying, using in-universe languages, or joining the Jedi religion (the Brits know what I'm talking about).

Seeing as how simply excluding these things from life is hardly an option - I'd really have to live under a rock not to see Star Wars on tv (at the very least) - I figured I'd ask you's people how I could 'get over it', and stop obsessing about such made up things. Yes, I realize they're great, I realize they've become a more-or-less major cultural phenomenon, but there are definitely better things to obsess over, are there not?

Oh yes, and since we're on this subject, how about a tip on getting over social media platforms?


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I think you should start cosplaying and learning conlangs.


I can't think of any reason to do so myself either, especially given the overall "obsessive" elements I see said things attracting.

Also Star Wars and the Elder Scrolls are awesome, no need for shame.

Too much of a good thing, can most certainly be a bad thing.

Sounds like you're having a blast.  Good.  I'm sure there's enough time left to do the other important things in life --right?

What does it mean to get over social media platforms?  Say that a different way?

Well, i do tend to play star wars or tes a lot, and instead of learning about something relevant, I learn their lore. It's what's shameful :(

'get over' social media platforms as in stop checking them every 5 minutes, or stop refreshing the page hoping some news pop-up, or outright deleting your profile and never coming back. I can do that with facebook, I only have my classmates holding me there till we graduate this year (I'm class monitor (is that the term?) and have to post stuff on the group there). After that, I can delete my profile no problem, not like I'm rally close to my classmates. But other sites, like the Russian fb clone vkontakte are more difficult because I do have friends there that aren't from my country and don't use e-mail or skype.

I would say to keep your mind in the present, as in through mindfulness meditation, rather than let it be ruled by distracting thoughts; I find that escapism, whether through idiosyncrasies such as 'cosplaying', excessive drinking, or other things is a way of avoiding confronting reality.

'avoiding confronting reality' - true, but what can i do if there's nothing in this age that i like? The music is bad, the movies are bad, the literature is bad, the people are idiots (well, maybe where i live at least), the city i live in is a dump and i can't move out, the economy is messed up too.

Well I'd say your perspective, is what is part of the problem... goodness is there, one just has to look harder for it, while badness is more easily noticed.

Is this an obsession or a hobby?  If it's not interfering with other parts of your life, it's a hobby.  Leave it alone and have fun with it.

Just my two cents, if it's a true obsession it's less of a hobby, and more something you just feel 'forced' to do because you go crazy without, like smoking cigarettes.

If it's just a hobby, one enjoys it, but doesn't feel like they "have" to do it all the time.


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