I am a working man, like most of you however the harsh winters of New England wreak havoc on my face. I always seem to have black heads on my nose. Although in the summer my skin glows.(unintentional rhyming)

Basically this is my routine.

Shower hot water on my face.

Soap (dove) 


(get out of shower)

Put on Men's Vaseline lotion (leave my face feeling oily, but on my body its perfect)

I was talking to a lady friend and she swore up and down, that I needed a product for this and a cleaner for that. 

I'm curious fellow gentleman, what is your routine for taking care of your face? Any suggestions on the lower price scale of things? I hear Kiehls Facial Fuel works amazing however $25 for 2.5 oz is out of my budget.

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I have none. I am of the belief that if you try to keep your face polished you'll never be happy. Like how if you clean a white wall it will look cleaner in parts but in fact the rest will forever look dirtier.

I also think the reason why women need tons of cleansers, etc is to counteract the various creams and makeup they put on it first. Skin needs to breathe I think. When I was a pharmacist I used to work in a shop that served a university population. I had a unique position of getting to see every person and then see their actual age on their prescription. Something I found amazing was how the skin of men and women aged. Men seemed for the most part to age gradually, 18 looked a bit younger than 25, which looked a bit younger than 35, etc. Women, for the most part all had youthful plush skin until about the age of 25 and the boom, it lost its plushness. It was profound. Mind you, I didn't see it in every woman. Some women kept their plush, youthful skin well into the 30s and some the 40s. But the youthful ones all had two things in common, they had pale skin (and we lived in a sunny climate so I'm guessing they kept out of the sun or used sunscreen) and no makeup. They were for the most part either the more nerdy or more wholesome university students who didn't cake on the makeup or bake in the sun. They also seemed thinner so maybe their diet was better. I don't know.

But not your question. I think if your moisturiser is leaving your skin oily then its not the right one for you. Some creams have an oily base, some have a more watery base. I'd find a less oily one since they are better suited for people with naturally dry skin. Also, I don't think any of the new fancy men's facial creams are worth the money. I think they are basically just the same shit the cosmetic industry has been feeding to women for years now being marketed to men. I think stick with a reliable company like Aveeno and get a basic moisturiser (with a built-in sunscreen would be good too).

I think you better off not putting more crap on your skin (sunscreen year around and moisturiser for those in wintery climates excepted). Men's skin is tough and ages gracefully. Also, unlike women, the cosmetic industry hasn't poisoned our self-image yet.

I have incredibly oily skin and I can break out like a high school freshman if I don’t keep it under control. I have the additional double whammy that I wear glasses and use a CPAP when I sleep so the day’s dirt and oil are always getting ground into my pores. Here is the routine I have developed.

Every day in the shower I use Biore’s Pore Unclogging Scrub which runs about $6 at Wal-Mart. Once or twice a week I use Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque to get the deep stuff. It’s a little shocking the first time you use it because the mint is so strong but your skin will feel great. The best part is a big bottle of it is only about $3 at Walgreen’s.

On a related note Queen Helene makes an awesome Mint Julep Shampoo as well which I use daily. Don’t be put off by the word queen in the brand name. I think the mint smell is very manly. The only place I can find it is at Sally’s Beauty Supply which is a national chain. Big thanks to my beautician aunt for putting me on to that brand!

After that I leave the facial conditioning to my aftershave lotions and balms. Don’t listen to your lady friend who says you need a separate product for each and every symptom. Keep it simple and remember the different mindsets of men and women. Women use products to give them an appearance they don’t naturally have. Men’s product’s should be basic and allow our natural qualities to come through.

Well... unfortunately since you brought the budget into play, I can't recommend Jack Black products (which I use the heck out of). On a budget though, I think Neutrogena products work just fine. They aren't the best, but they are decent for the price. Just go to Walgreens or CVS and you should find their men's stuff.

As for my routine, in the winter I only use cleansers every couple days, because it dries my skin out. I will use a moisturizer every morning though to protect my skin from the elements. My wife has me trying a toner, but I'm not sure it's doing much of anything, so I'll probably not continue to use it once my bottle is out. That's about it.

Gotta agree with Nick H on this. The fact is a cleaner once a week cant be TOO bad for a man's skin. And a moisturizer on a daily basis for the winter cant be too bad for you either. Thank you Ryan and everyone else who contributed to this thread.



Have some suggestions:


First throughout the year the Vaseline lotion should be applied to your body each time you are out of the shower.


The way this is done is that  prior to drying off, take a scoop of lotion (actually any lotion...even a Suave type brand) and just apply all over your wet body. 


Now, towel off, removing the water and excess lotion.  This will 'seal' in a moisture barrier on your skin that will keep your entire body feeling better, not as dry and hydrated in a manner. 


Also if you apply any cologne, fragrance this is the time.  The fragrance attaches to the slight moisture of your skin. Thus 'holding' the scent longer on ones body and allowing you to use less of the actual fragrance.

I know, but try it and see how your bod feels...



20 splash face cleaning.


Now this takes time and some stamina.  However in the end you will have once again great hydrated skin.

This is a ritual designed by Dr. Erno Laszlo...years many years ago...look him up.  Very interesting man.

It involves hot water in the face bowl

using a bar soap

rub bar through the hot water until it mixes with the water to form a 'broth' OK best word I could come up with...you get it.

remove the bar soap and NOW splash you skin with this 'broth' 20 times I do somethime 30 splashes.

drain face bowl

refill with clean fresh hot water and yes, you guessed

splash again 20 times

towel off

apply lotion or a toner


toner I'll hold off on

because..really this is  a lot of stuff...agreed

just thought I'd give you a reach out

be well


I havent read all of the replys, so forgive me if im missing out on something..

i've always been a proponent of the less is more philosophy with skin care..  less chemicals, less frequency.  let your skin do its thing, the shampoo/soap market is conspired to make you buy more and more.  heres what i use.

i replaced my bar soap for the whole body with doctor bronner's soaps, although it seems to dry my face out a bit at full str.

i also occasionally will make a face wash made of:

 - apple cider vinegar

 - raw/organic honey

 - lemon juice (optional)

this is great to drink or put it on your skin, i highly recommend trying honey, get the good stuff.

Sometimes ill put coconut oil on my face before bed and it'll all absorb in by the morning.

The most important thing you can do for your skin i have found is to clean up your diet.. less oils, less meats (if you eat a lot of meat), so on.  just eat cleaner!

ill end with a metaphor.. if you pressure wash your walks every year, the concrete will be so roughed up in no time, same with cleaning mechanical parts.. the oils your body naturally produces act as a flush but also a protective agent.  hot water and soap strip them off and leave your skin to battle the cold air without any armor.  dont fight with your body's systems, just compliment them here or there.

ps first post.  hope i helped.

I have gone to natural products as well.

I use Benzontine clay with apple cider vinegar 3 times a week.  It works out to be the days I shave.

When I am not using that, I use Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castille soap for face and behind ears.

I either use coconut oil for face or other natural products.

The only facial product I use is dove face and body wash. No lotion. It's done the job well enough so far.

Irish Spring Moisture Blast body wash from head(I'm pretty much bald) to toe, followed by washing my (rather large)beard with the store-brand equivalent of Head & Shoulders. Gotta avoid the dreaded chindruff, you know.

I use 3 products on my face, though I should be using 4:

*face wash - liquid Purpose or something with acne fighter salycylic acid ($5-6)

*benzoyl peroxide - what finally helped my acne after decades and 2 dermatologists ($5-10; Dr. Sheffield's from Amazon is best; Walgreen's brand is second-best; the bright orange and blue one in drugstores is 3rd; Target brand is no good.)

*sunscreen - I usually get whatever moisturizer with sunscreen plus whatever special ingredient the fashion magazines are pushing at the time; note that with near-daily use, 4-6 oz. lasts me months ($6-12; my favorite is the Ocean Potion SPF 50 with retinol, but sunlight breaks down retinol, so it's not really the best; I liked the Target brand with retinol, too)

*hydrocortisone - what my last dermatologist recommended for the especially dry, itchy patches that come in winter; I just haven't fished it out of the bottom of the drawer yet ($4?)

A note on prices: Normally, I'd just state the low end of the spectrum, 'cause that's what I normally pay. But I'm honest to a fault and just bought everything in triplicate for my wedding weekend and honeymoon. Because I wanted small, but not travel, sizes for the honeymoon, I had to buy name brands.

Shave (electric beard trimmer - my wife likes me scruffy)

Facial cleanser in the shower, usually either a nuetragena face scrub (oil free something), or cetafil ($6). 

Low oil/sensitive skin facial moisturizer with spf15 (Nuetragena or Oil of Olay) ($9 for 4-6oz) 


Soap.  Water.  Shaving gel.  Aftershave.  Maybe $5 a month, total.




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