While I can understand persons' dislike for "manspreading" (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manspreading), I also know that some/many men find it very uncomfortable to sit with their legs together because it squeezes their testicles.  What do you think?

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There was a time the aim was to encourage people -- men included, presumably -- to leave the truck at home and take public transportation.  Really making strides with the welcoming campaign.

No thanks.


there is a campaign taking place in Madrid on buses to ask men not to take up so much room. I don't have a problem with men having their legs apart, I would just say excuse me, could you move over a little?

Where I do have a problem is with very large people who make no effort to take up as little space in an aircraft seat, they seem to take pride in shoving out their elbows as far as they can into the adjoining seat despite the fact someone else is occupying it.

And as for people who fall asleep and lie on your shoulder, and have you noticed they are never beautiful young women! 

My ladies accuse me of that all the time, and I get a perverse pleasure in it.

I also like to stand with my legs in a wide stance when I'm at a counter, to help lower me because at 6'2" I'm tired of always bending to do stuff in the kitchen.

That drives them crazy.

If you see someone that wants to sit down, or that needs a spot more than you, make room or let them have your seat. However "manspreading" is a term for the socially impaired that blame everything on men and white people.

Also, this problem goes much farther than them just complaining. They also want to make it illegal and it already is in some countries. Let's hope it stays that way. 

Buy bigger pants and a jockstrap. 

What about large people with attitude who are happy to spread themselves into everyone else's space on public transport and especially on airlines, or people in waiting areas in airports who take up a second seat with baggage whilst others stand?

I also have an issue with people with small or not so small children who occupy seats while elderly people stand, much more of a problem than manspreading.

In today's world it seems, children race onto a bus, etc. as soon as the door opens and grab a seat, the "best" one, before anybody else gets it first.  There is no politeness at all about seeing if everything is OK or -- heaven forbid -- a child should stand so an older person can sit (who may need to sit because of his/her health).  (sigh)

Me too - can't stand that. My mother didn't allow it. I've observed that parents expect consideration to just sprout one day, like pubic hair, hence no need to teach it. Or they expect the kids' teachers to handle that. (Not all young parents, of course; but quite a few.) 

Also little consideration about noisy kids. Everywhere is a playground - the bus, the waiting room at the dentist, the restaurant. They're entitled to stimulation and entertainment. 

I'm childless but I was one. My mom wasn't the "kids should be seen and not heard" type, but she dialed down our volume. 

An equally obnoxious problem is people who use seats for their knapsacks/coats/handbags. I think nothing of asking them to clear the seat. 

Yeah, I'm a large guy and I tend to carry a backpack.  If the seats are empty - I'm going to take the space, both for my legs and for my bag.  But if the area starts to fill in?  The pack goes under the seat or in the lap.  And I personally would never be offended at being asked to move my bad so someone could sit - I would feel ashamed that I hadn't noticed and already done it.  Unless, of course, there is lots of room elsewhere because personal space.

But my legs come together only when needed, it is just uncomfortable.  My gut is big, which tend to push the legs out as it rests on them, and my hips are just not very flexible - especially "in".  But it isn't just sitting, I tend to stand very wide stanced as well. 


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