This discussion might have already been posted, but given the number of discussions, it is hard to tell.

So here goes:

I want to initiate the ultimate list of Manly Things. 

Add to it, or even disagree with something someone has added, but NO DUPLICATES (that means, you have to read and pay attention to what has already been listed)

Does not have to be physical things, can also be activities, etc.

I am interested to see if we can reach 1,000 items;  shouldn't be that difficult.

Here are my contributions for the first 25:

1.  barber shops

2.  coin collections

3.  stubble

4.  Aqua Velva

5.  briefcases

6.  wing tips

7.  pin up posters

8. beer mugs

9.  Right Guard

10.  cigars

11.  camping

12.  betting shops

13.  toothpicks

14.  chewing tabacco

15.  wanking

16.  whiskey

17.  hairy pits

18.  hula girl lamps

19. English Leather

20.  boxing

21.  cowboy boots

22. jockstraps

23.  pipes

24.  shoe shine kits

25.  money clips

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26. Cock

I was going to say testicles and penises. Beat me to it though you have. Very manly.


27. Hunting

28. Fishing

29. pocket knives

30. Skeet shooting

31. Old Spice (original)

32. Pomade

33. Chopping wood

34. Guns

35. Straight razors

36. Tractors

37. Bull Riding

38. Bronco Riding

39.  Whittling

40. Wood working

i just got my new old spice after shave and deodorant yesterday. That same day i have dated a beautiful lady enjoying her cup of coffee on a coffee shop. \m/, ...Guys i'm telling you this items are a MUST HAVE.

Which one did you buy? Can you give me some tips on old spice?

41. Pocketwatch. In the old days, only a fruitcake wore a wristwatch. 

Did this dude just list "wanking" as one of his top "manly" things? 

as a list of things that men enjoy, that women will never experience in quite the same way-- yep, I think it belongs

uh, no.

Agreed, women can masturbate also.  A lot of his list was products or male dominated but not male exclusive things.  The thing with list of male things is that when it comes down to it women can enjoy the same activities and things.  I have see plenty of posters of men, etc.  


42. Blood


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