I've been inspired by the posts of this site and have decided to form a Manliness Club at my school.

The situation is that it's a small school with about 30-50 students so every Thursday all the girls go off to the Feminist club and all the boys ar just left moping around.

My idea is for the Manliness Club to be on the same day at the same time as the Feminist Club so that everyone has something to do.

Though to start this I'm going to need some ideas. How would you make a manliness club in high school. All ideas no matter how ridiculous are welcomed.

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Sounds like a reaction against something, and that wouldn't appeal to me.

Better is to have a club that has an activity that interests its members. What do you all like to do?

Your right, now that I think about it that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Well we are a diverse bunch with nothing holding us together other then a love of freedom and a hatred for Curriculum based schools. Though if we could find something else that interests all of us that would be great.

Maybe a life skills club would be a better name for it. By all means at the same time as the feminist one/

"Life skills" is the name of the Special Education program in quite a few districts ... at least around here.  Also, I don't think there's anything wrong with a name that suggests the group is primarily for men.  "Life skills" doesn't quite say that.


I would also make it open to both male and female. That will make so much funnier when he gets accused of being bigoted, closed minded and hateful (by including everyone).

I like the life skills approach. There are lots of various topics that could be covered.

I agree with Will.  No need to counter feminist henhouse with a 'manly' henhouse.  Start a club to do something manly ... not just to gab about it.  Base the club around the activity, not just the concept.


Why would you want to be like the feminists, anyway?  In my experience, they're not all that happy.


And here I thought Canada was progressive. In coastal US cities, "feminist" clubs are dwindling. Girls aren't interested, and have plenty to keep them busy being class president and with all the clearly co-ed clubs.

But, good for these girls for keeping occupied. Any idea what they actually do? If I were to have a feminist club, I'd make it part book club, part career prep. There aren't as many male-specific business books making headlines as women-targeted books, but you don't have to be gender-specific. Surely you can get men to come in to talk about their professions.

Yes, getting men to come in and talk about themselves is a good idea.

Upon further reflexion, Will and other members are right when they say that starting a manliness club as a counter to a feminist club is not the right motivation. However, perhaps it is my fault in that I did not explain the context of my situation. Brace yourselves, this will be long:

There are no grades, homework, projects, report cards, curriculum, hierarchy-even concepts like teachers and students or classrooms don't exist.

Called Alternative Education or Unschool is based entirely on free will and what you as a student want to learn. There's no grading system so those wanting to enter university work on their portfolio or take classes online. Here's the proof this place actually exist:


No one can force you to do anything. As a result, the school itself has become a main room where everyone socialises or studies their own things, and the outside rooms are used for a series of clubs which progress throughout the day.

New clubs can be added at any time. All the teachers and students are very liberal and so the only reasons for rejecting a Manliness Club here would be if there is not enough people interested. So don't get your feathers all ruffled up, no one is going to bash me.

Now allot of the boys dont have any male role models, some don't even have fathers. If this keeps up it will be a long time if ever that we will become men. The last thing this world is needs is another generation of man children. That's why we need this. To ponder and contemplate what it means to be a man but also to do manly deeds. Besides the worst possible outcome is that everyone decides to hate manliness and we close the club. This means that even if we fail, we lose nothing.

So now that you know I go to a school based on free will and integrity, are there any ideas for a high school Manliness Club?

If it's supposed to be academic, you could study the modern men's movement, or previous things about masculinity. I suggest: Ritual and Manhood in Victorian America; King, Warrior, Magician, Lover; Iron John: a Book about Men; Manhood in the Making.

I think what I'd want to do in high school would be to study something. It's what I like to do now! So: what do you want to explore?

Agreed with Will. You could try getting together and reading about famous men, then asking each group member to form a Cabinet of Invisible Counselors.


I am very happy to see that you are inspired to start such a group focused on young men. I'm also horrified that your school would have a Feminist Club, and offer nothing to the boys during that time frame. That's ridiculous, and could have very negative consequences depending on the individual boys who are, as you say, "just left moping around."

Because of the way your school operates, you have a very rare opportunity before you. You get to learn things you want to learn. I agree with many of the suggestions here regarding content for your new Club. Getting men to come in and talk about their professions would be very high on my list. I also like the idea of selecting books about masculinity.

I also think you are on to something when you talk about life skills. There are numerous things I wish I had learned when I was in high school that would have made college--along with the rest of my life--easier. Offering a session on personal finance/personal credit would be helpful. If there are many of you who are driving, maybe some sessions on basic auto repair/maintenance would be of interest. Age-appropriate job-hunting skills are good to learn before one goes off to college (I started working part time while still in H.S.)  Health, fitness, and grooming are important topics to cover too. Find out what things the other guys want to learn about, and dig into those topics.

I think that if you create content that interests  a good chunk of the male students, you will also find that some of the female students will take an interest too, and you will end up providing a service from which all can benefit.

As for what to call the group, I would steer clear of "Manliness Club." I'm leaning more towards words like "brotherhood," "comrades," "buddies," "fellows," "associates," etc. As a matter of fact, back in the 80s-90s, there was a group of professional black men in Washington D.C who created a non-profit organization called The Associates. They raised money for a variety of charitable organizations.

Our goal is to hire a small chamber orchestra  to complete our fully staged and costumed production.


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