Hi guys!

I've been looking to buy a jacket for casual occasion, and one of my girl friends told me that I should try out a mandarin collar jacket. It isn't popular, so not many shops have it, meaning I could only try a few, and they are expensive since their rarity. Or maybe just because I don't look at the right places. Anyway

So I've been wondering what's the opinion about that kind of jacket in the man's world? I like it because it isn't as formal as a regular cut jacket, so it's perfect for casual wear, but I'm still unsure about it.

What do you think about it?


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Motorcycle jackets have mandarin collars. As do US Army fatigues.

If a girl friend suggested it then why not try it.  http://www.ecrater.com/p/16611387/mens-5-button-mandarin-collar-goat

I could not find one locally but as you said they are not very popular yet so I found a tolerable new coat on Ebay for about $30.00.  Not bad but not something that I personally would wear every day. 

I for one don't like thing around my neck, but if you don't mind it, then go fir it.

A leather Jacket (as previously pointed out) has that type of collar.

However, if that's not your style then don't worry.It's surprising how,when paired with jeans and a t-shirt, a smart jacket/blazer can look casual.

Do you mean a jacket as outerwear, or jacket at casual wear?

The mandarin collar is great for outerwear, but not so much, in my opinion, for casual wear.

Unless you want to look like Neo. Or a priest from a new age religion.

Or a Civil War officer.

I've a friend who wants to make up a frock coat with a mandarin collar, after the style of the Civil War collars, for formal wear.

Or quasi-Khan from ST Into Lens Flare.

Thanks for your pointers. I think I'm gonna go for a regular cut jacket, and I'll try a mandarin later one, when I have a good jacket to fall back to.

@Ari_White For casual wear.

My opinion is that I like them very much. I was looking to add a Nehru jacket to my concert wardrobe a few years ago, but gave up because I couldn't find one that would work with a pair of tux pants.

I've wanted one since I worked with conductor Seiji Ozawa in Boston.

But if you're aiming for a casual look, be careful to find one with the right cut. Many of them have very formal-looking lines. Here one that looks casual: http://www.ecrater.com/p/17992183/mens-2-tone-mandarin-collar-slim?...


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