Okay we've all talked about the testosterone levels and what things it does. However, I want to know if there are any men out there who have had the "Male Hormone Levels" checked, and if so are you getting or receiving treatments. I've had mine done and have started some forms of treatment with hopes that it will give me some lift.

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yeah my testosterone is supposedly "normal" but its in the high of lower numbers...I keep asking and getting same answers. So, I"m goin' back to square one with the people who did the original male hormone levels.

Normal in this sense refers to the statical normal range (think of a bell curve and normal distribution), not you are "normal" (the opposite of abnormal). I think you are still barking up the wrong tree. There are many non-hormonal causes to your problem.

Canada does the numbers different then America.....but to that I answer when I got the results back from the testing of testosterone levels. He said I was in the middle to low......still tryin' to understand it. I'm gonna reschedule with my Dr at the Med Shoppe where I had the male hormone tests done again for new results. These last ones were from about 3 years ago.

The whole world does it different. USA uses ng/dL for lab values. Pretty much the rest of the world uses mmol/L.

You Americans. Just got to be different, don't ya ;)

But of course.

I had my T checked and it was low.  Found out it was causing some strange affects.  Been on shots for about 6 months and need to get it checked again because I still have some affects of low T.

I've been doing the shots for over 15 years.  I felt a huge difference initially. Sadly, didn't help with the libido as much as I would have liked.

I started HRT last year.  My levels were down in the mid 200s.  Initially I felt more energetic and amorous but within a couple of months I was back to feeling as I had before.  After a period of 6 months I got checked again and my T levels hadn't changed.  I found out that this is not abnormal as your testes reduce the amount of T they produce when you're on the therapy.  I just started taking a shot every two weeks (that I do myself because I don't trust my wife not to wiggle the needle LOL).  We'll see how this helps.

Look up Rhodiola as a herbal supplement.  Link to  Rhodiola supplement.

It is a way to boost your system.  It is subtle and takes a week or two to build up.  The changes are minor but real for a friend of mine.


Due to a massive heart attack I suffered in 2000, my doctor wanted to get some answers to why I had the heart attack. One of the things he did was check my testosterone levels and found that they were well below normal (125). I don't remember what the free testosterone levels were. Even though I had no symptoms of low testosterone (low libido, erectile dysfunction, depression, lethargic, etc.), my physician strongly felt that my low levels of T were a contributing factor to the heart attack along with a couple of other things. Interestingly enough, my cholesterol levels were in a good range. This is a long story so I'll cut to the chase.


Thus, I've been on testosterone replacement therapy for almost 12 years. The application protocol was NOT injections but androgel. I retired not too long after my first treatments with androgel. My retirement insurance, however, wouldn't pay for the androgel since it was a "tier 1" drug, and the insurance company wanted me to use testaderm which is a patch. The problem with the patch is that over 50% of men have skin reactions that produce a boil-like sore on the place of application (NOT FUN). Another long story.

My doctor did more research to see what was available. He eventually prescribed a compounded testosterone cream through our local compounding pharmacy which worked very well for me. Incidentally, the compounded cream was way less expensive than the androgel and my copay was only $15 for a 90 day supply. Last year, however, my insurance company "decided" that it would no longer cover compounded drugs. I'm still working on getting that benefit restored, but to no avail. They want me to buy the regular pharmaceutical. You guess the reason for that...Now, I pay $140 for a 90 day supply. Even though I have to pay more out of pocket, the compounded cream is a better delivery system for me and there are NO side effects (skin irritation or loss of effect during the day).


OK, my signature "long-winded post" continues. I’ve written all of this to inform you that if you are needing testosterone replacement, make sure you do some thorough research and find a doctor who knows what she/he is doing. If you could listen in when my doctor calls the compounding pharmacy and witness his explanation and conversation with the lab tech on how and what to mix in the cream, you would realize that the man is NOT pulling a pill bottle off the shelf and giving you something that was prescribed for the general population . What is prescribed for you is customized for your particular body issues. A wonderful physician...very smart and knows pharmaceuticals in detail.


So who cares? Well, I do. The delivery system is excellent; libido is very good; no ball shrinkage; no skin irritation; my carido health is excellent (arteries are clear); and this old man has a smile on his face quite often (like this morning, for example).


Finally, remember that testosterone is more than a sex hormone. It is also a heart hormone. There are more receptors for testosterone in heart muscle than in any other place in the body, at least that is what my doctor told me. He made a believer out of me.



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