My wife and I are on a diet and activity plan.  Some of what we want to do is move toward eating Mediterranean Diet and Activity along with moving toward meatless days a few days a week.

This is fairly in the opposite direction of the American diet pattern and it makes dining out tricky. 

How does one maintain enthusiasm for life style differences from the general population?  I figure religion helps keep the focus for some. 

How do others manage to keep up the effort until it becomes the new normal?

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Here is how I change my "food environment"  to eat the food that i know to be healthy and clean and avoid the crap that is out there in the world:

-One day a week I plan, shop, and cook my foods that I plan to eat for the week.  For me this is lots of lean meat, fresh or frozen vegetables, fresh fruit, brown rice, yams, potatoes, some other whole grains, butter, olive oil, etc. 

- once you have a plan you can make your shopping list.  After you shop you can come home and cook and prep. 

- I store the meals in the fridge and freezer and pull and pack for my day every day

- If an opportunity comes up to eat out for business or a date I eat whatever is good and I least know how to cook well.

To do this same thing you will need to know how to plan meals and have the patients to plan meals for an entire week.  You need some cooking skill.  You need to have some general knowledge of food safety and storage.  You need to be content with eating what you've made for the week.  The you need to be ok with the fact that 20% of the time you are going to eat the crap that is out there in the world. 

Pros:  its cheap to do.  It creates health and convenience for everyday. 

Cons:  it take a lot of effort one day a week.  you need the above knowledge and skill.  It requires a certain amount of self-discipline that some do not possess or exercise toward this end. 

hope this helps

Ya it helps to see someone succeeding!



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