Howdy all. I had a thought today, while in a moment of down time. My current job entails long drive hours (3 hours is common, 8 hours at a stretch is not out of the ordinary) and I'm lucky enough to have a squad with an auxiliary input jack that allows me to play my iPod through the stereo. I've noticed in the past few months that my musical tastes have shifted somewhat; although always eclectic, I've actually started purchasing entire albums rather than singles, especially rock operas and theme albums. Out in the barren wasteland that is Nebraska, the only alternative is to listen to the small town radio stations which are almost inevitably country stations; I would rather pull my own teeth out with rusty pliers than listen to that for 3+ hours, and talk radio puts me to sleep (not a good thing when driving an ambulance).

So far I've accumulated: The Wall- Pink Floyd,  21st Century Breakdown- Green Day, Tommy- The Who, Down To Kill- Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers, Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band- The Beatles, and Danger Days: The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys- My Chemical Romance.

My question is thus: If you have to go on a long car trip, what are you listening to? Talk radio, News, XM, or your own compilation?

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I'm currently driving about 15 hours a week, and listen to lectures from iTunesU.  I've worked through a few courses of both history and philosophy, and of the two would recommend history.  Yale had a couple good courses on Ancient Greece and the Early Middle Ages, respectively, and I'm currently listening to a series on colonial America from Stanford. 

NPR, mostly - but if talk radio puts you to sleep NPR would knock you into a coma. 

Audiobooks don't work for me because my mind wanders. 

I'm a huge fan of Tim Keller from Redeemer Presbyterian in NYC for sermons,  and RC Sproul for teaching, if you're into Biblical stuff...

Can't go wrong with Early Richard Pryor or Rodney Carrington, which certainly isn't biblical

I love Rodney Carrington! Haven't listened to his acts in years. I forgot to mention, I do have a couple audiobooks (well, one to be technical, but it's the complete Divine Comedy. I think that counts as three). If I'm going to listen to that, it has to be before sundown; the rhythm of the poetry, even translated, can be quite hypnotic without light to keep my circadian rhythm up.


Nebraska. Three hours here can get me through three states.

Audio books, I would tire of hours of music, though maybe get some more pro-rock-operas.

Good luck!

Talking Heads and Styx have great tunes to keep you awake.

I usually try to find a classic rock station and keep that on for as long as I'm in range. Anything that plays a good mix of Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, the Eagles, etc. is good for a long drive. Although, you'll find that country gets a lot more tolerable over time. 

Ah, a man after my own heart. There's a few good FM channels like that around Omaha and Lincoln, and one out of Grand Island, but when you get out into the Sand Hills, it gets genuinely creepy. Nothing but dead static, with only the occasional fuzzy country station or (I shit you not) a station with nothing but Native American chants. When you are driving through country that looks like even Mad Max wouldn't want to live there, and all of a sudden, out of the hissing static you hear "ya hey ya hey ya ya heya hey..." it's pretty damn freaky. 

I tried giving country music a chance, I really did, and I have a few songs I like, but I just can't stomach most of it. Blame it on growing up around outlaw bikers, I guess.

I'm partial to Sherlock Holmes on audiobook.  They're shorter than novels, being short stories (although the 4 novels are also good).  So it's not as boring as trying to get through a novel.  Also, they're mysteries, so it gives you something to think about rather than just listen to.  You get to see if you can figure it out before the reveal and such, unless you've read them before.  Christopher Lee reading Holmes is pretty engaging.  Short stories can alternate with an album of music so you have a break from all words.

As far as music goes, sounds like you're already on a roll with good stuff, so just keep tracking down similar artists.

"My question is thus: If you have to go on a long car trip, what are you listening to? Talk radio, News, XM, or your own compilation?"

I usually download a few 2-3-hour-long podcasts and go with that. I'll either pick something that I know I'm really into or something that I know nothing about that will give me a lot of new stuff to listen to.

Out in the barren wasteland that is Nebraska, the only alternative is to listen to the small town radio stations which are almost inevitably country stations; I would rather pull my own teeth out with rusty pliers than listen to that for 3+ hours, and talk radio puts me to sleep.


Interesting.  I'm just the opposite.  Music tends to put me to sleep ... talk keeps my mind more active.  I listen to talk on weekdays -- a mix of right, left and sports.  Classic Country on the weekends. 


Wife likes Christian music, though I don't much care for it.  I'll sometimes listen to that when she's in the truck with me ... its well-meaning, but mostly really schmaltzy stuff or boy-bandish love songs to Christ.  Eh.  Clearly I'm not their target demographic ... talk about put-you-to-sleep.


I'm similar. I once started dozing off to "I Ran." Not the fastest song, but definitely not slow. Good thing I wasn't driving.
As for Christian music, try Southern Gospel.

I listen primarily to local and syndicated talk radio, but when I'm in the mood for music it's usually Japanese and Korean pop, or my William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy CDs.


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