I am currently almost done growing my hair out in a style reminiscent of Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.  It's thick and curly like Hayden Christensen's, but with little more blond.  I'm a young man and I have a baby face on top of that, so it's not like I'm a creepy old guy trying to look young.  A few of my older relatives don't like it, but I've gotten compliments from at least a couple people I know. Opinions?

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A logical decision.  May he live long and prosper.

I always thought the Justin Beiber thing made you kids look like a cross between the head of my penis and Prince Valiant. 

 Let me help you out, kid. Some (some) of the little girls who smell like cat food and bubblegum liked (briefly) that goofball look. Grown women think you look like a moron. 

I've been looking for articles about older guys with longer hair and came across your discussion. I just turned 55 a couple of days ago and recently decided I was tired of getting the same old haircuts all the time.  My wife passed away about a year and a half ago so I am a widower with no one to impress. No matter how short I'd cut it it always looked messy to me. I decided to let it grow out and see what happens. Yea I'm probably gonna look like one of those creepy old guys that you mentioned. I'll have to spend some time in that in-between stage where my hair just looks like someone who is overdue for a cut. I've decided that for right now I don't care. I'll keep it as neat as possible without cutting it. I'm looking at it this way. At this age I'll never have more hair than I do now. Eventually I may not have any, who knows. So I may not have another chance to grow it out longer. Back when I was in college I decided one day to stop shaving and for a while I kept a beard. Then I eventually switched to a goatee.  Women can do all kinds of things, change hairstyles, color, length. Men are limited in what we can do without looking wierd or feminine. So I'm gonna do what makes me happy within reason.  I can always change my mind. 


This is a friend of mine from another forum.  Older man, receding/balding hairline, full beard and ponytail.  He's a very relaxed sort of guy, and spends much of his time puttering in the garden.  


Though I wouldn't usually recommend such a look, I think it works for him.

Not what I'm going for but works for him. My hair is still very brown with only has a few scattered signs of gray. My beard is very short and all white.  My hairline is receding but not that far. I think that the longer hair tends to look better on guys that are fairly tall. I'm only 5'6" and cannot do anything about that.  Think I'm going for a look like Viggo Morgensen or maybe Johnny Depp. As mine gets longer I'll venture a photo. A lot also depends on what your employer will tolerate. 

I'm really sorry to hear about your loss, Jeff.  I wish you nothing but the best of luck in the the future.

As for the long hair, I can only tell you what has worked for me these past eight years of having longish hair.  I say longish because sometimes I have it pretty long and others, longish, but never a buzz cut or shorter than 5 inches .  So, my only advice is this:  there will be days you hate your hair.  It's tough growing it out, so when those days happen, just use some extra product or grin and bear it. 

Also, there are two ways to grow it out and I recommend the latter if you want to look the least bit presentable.  

1) Don't cut it for a year or so.  You'll probably look homeless though 


2) Let your barber know what style you're going for and grow it out slowly.  This will probably mean you will let the top grow out while continuing to clip the sides and back a bit.  After the top gets some length, then you begin to let the sides grow while continuing to clip the back so it doesn't take this mullet shape, and then finally, let the back grow once the top and sides have caught up.  

Hmmm. That sounds like a very logical approach.  I've read various articles saying not to cut it at all.  But it makes sense to let the short parts catch up with the longer ones and keep it all neat. Most likely I'll not cut it at all and see if I can't keep it well groomed. It grows so slowly I hate to take a step backward by clippng it. It's hardly what I would call long. More like, I could use a haircut stage. Think I can keep it tidy so we'll have to see.  Thanks for the input on what is really a relatively unimportant matter. 

I vote yes as long as you have good hair. I rock the longer hair, but I've also got a beard to balance it out. I'm biased, but I'd say grow a beard, too. You can solve most of life's problems that way.


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