Driveway's gravel, and it's becoming quite green now.  Last year I sprayed it with some unpronouncable chemical, and it helped, but not so much this year. 

Would salt work?

Any other (cheap) ideas?

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So far, the plants I sprayed salty water on seemed to like it --!

did you add soap and vinegar to the solution? the soap is important because it makes the stuff stick to the plants. 

Also, you obviously want to do it when the weeds are dry.

How big an area are you talking about?

soap, yes; vinegar, no.  dry at time of app but it was humid.  Abt the size of a big living room. 

seeing some browning today.

How long is your driveway?

How long are you going to live there?

About 7 car lengths, and until I meet my maker, probably.

a salt/soap/vinegar app makes sense then, maybe a couple times in the spring and once in the summer.

Myself, I'd just use roundup. As far as other plants go, it would travel less with rain than the ssv mix, and be less likely to impact the grass or stuff on the borders of the drive.

the ssv will take a few days to kill, roundup would take a week

Yeah, I did that in April, but didn't see any effect.  Does Roundup go bad in a year?

I've used 4-year old roundup without noticing any potency decline

Two problems with using Roundup:

First, a lot of weeds are super efficient at propagating and colonizing.  You can have a virgin patch of sterile soil and within a year, you have weeds.  A LOT of weeds that just keep coming back.  

Second, because of the first, Roundup is only the first part of the temporary (And with weeds, it's never permanent) solution.  You need to use Roundup and follow with a good pre-emergent herbicide.

Oh, the third part of the weed control equation.  Buy stock in Monsanto.  You at least get a fraction of your money back that way.

As an aside, I've found that gravel tends to collect enough dust, dirt, and "organic matter" in the tiny spaces between the stones to support an amazing variety of weeds.

Yeah, I did that in April, but didn't see any effect.  Does Roundup go bad in a year?

It should still be good. Just checking: Any chance you were using a weed killer (like Weed-B-Gon) instead of a weed-and-grass killer (like Roundup)? Weed killers are milder and may require more than one application for some types of weeds.


Oh well. No idea then. I guess you just have some very tough weeds.


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