Driveway's gravel, and it's becoming quite green now.  Last year I sprayed it with some unpronouncable chemical, and it helped, but not so much this year. 

Would salt work?

Any other (cheap) ideas?

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Get a goat.

I said driveway, not vegetable garden and flower bed.

Call a concrete guy

Have you tried pouring boiling water out of a kettle?  (P.S.  Don't wear flipflops)  Works for some, and there really is no downside money wise or contamination wise via runoff.


propane torch

Even if the torch doesn't work, sounds like fun.

Horticultural vinegar, or make a solution with household vinegar, dish soap and salt. Can find both online. Glyphosate causes cancer, gets into groundwater and generally is bad for everything.

Then order a load of stone; sounds like you need more gravel.

"Glyphosate causes cancer"

That's not really determined to be true yet. There are certainly allegations, but the bulk of the evidence doesn't support the claim, as of yet.

There is a crapload of industry money behind proving glyphosate is harmless, so much research on this is of dubious impartiality. I should have wrote "could" cause cancer. The stuff gets into groundwater eventually, would you want your kids drinking it?

I agree it's good to be wary. But I do like evidence before making claims - and so far the industry money doesn't have to work very hard, as there is very little evidence that it does cause cancer. 

Overuse of pesticides and herbicides is a bigger problem than just this chemical. And I support clean water initiatives wherever I can. But I also support water treatment for drinking water. 

Apparently there is enough out there go get people sounding the alarm. I was giving a talk on invasives, and when I mentioned herbicide use I knew I hit the third rail in the room.

The WHO has pronounced it as "probable" cause of cancer.

In my own life, we have a client, a chemist/pharmaceutical company founder, who insists we only use horticultural vinegar on his property,and he buys a fortune in it every year for our crews to use. Our township, which is very agricultural, is full of cancer cases; many women with dead husbands, and a kid in my daughter's class with leukemia. I go for being wary. And shaggy.

IDK abt the chemical in q, but I'll try the salt. Apparently its risk is that it might be _too_ effective. And it won't harm the kids -- just yard plants. I'll report!


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