Would this be a good step for me? This was briefly mentioned in one of my other threads but I didn't get much input on it from anybody as it was overshadowed by the rest of the thread. As you know,I am graduating in the fall with my associates degree in general studies from community college, and don't have a clue as to where I'm heading with my life. The military is nothing new to me, I grew up around it. I feel like it would benefit me in many ways in my life such as discipline and that it would make me a better man and give me a marketable skill once I got out. Once I got out, I would head back to college and finish my bachelors. I want to hear some of your guys opinions and stories if you have them. Thanks in advance.

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Don't join unless you are fully prepared to put your life and limbs on the line.  I need not tell you that war is a bloody, dirty business and can affect some persons mentally for the rest of their lives.  If you sign up with any purpose in mind other than to be a warrior prepared to kill our nation's enemies or be killed in the process, you are a fraud both to yourself and those you serve with.  

If you go to war on the ground, you will be exhausted, sore, frightened, possibly verminous and filthy beyond belief. Not all men or women are cut out for it.   I've served with and led all types. Many of those who signed up for the college money and found themselves wounded and collecting the pieces that could be found of their best buddy, often ended up being a mental burden on others who signed up with a clearer vision of things.  

With all that being said and you fully understand what you could be getting yourself into, should you sign up for the military it will be an experience you will draw from - good and bad - for the rest of your life.  Some of the best men who ever led our nation or became entrepreneurs or business leaders were soldiers, and good ones at that. 

I love this country. I know exactly that I would be putting my life on the line. The reason I would be doing this is to grow as a person, give back to the country I love, and honestly to get out of a small town and see the world all while bettering myself as a person and gaining a good resume. It's not all about the money. There are many reasons I am considering this.

You want to serve your country and your fellow man? You want to get out of a podunk town and see more of the world? You want to bring discipline and honor into your life? Go back to school, become a cop, a nurse, or a paramedic, and go to a bigger town. Travel with your friends, see the world, by all means. But there are other things to provide those values than the military. You say it is not about the money. That is a statement i deeply respect. But there are millions of people in this country who suffer every day, not from the actions of foreign enemies, but from poverty, crime, and disease. There is cruelty and suffering everywhere. Do not overlook that which lies outside your own front door. Here is another thing to consider: the company I work for has a contract with the VA, and every day i see the ruin that a military life can inflict on men, as well as the cruel deception that they will be taken care of like the heroes they are. However, Andrew is right. For some people, the skills and values they learn go on to serve them very well later in life. But it is not a decision to be made lightly.

Disagree with your anti-military sentiment completely.

I don't see anti-military in this. His statements come down to:
1. There are many ways to serve, get out of town, gain purpose, and life skills without joining the military.
2. Many vets are not getting the fair shake they deserve, and a military life can be hard on families.
3. Consider those factors before making your choice. 

Do you disagree with my assessment, or those statements? 

I thought that he wrote the same general idea as Andrew, just with a different angle.

Thank you Liam. Your second point is really what makes me so bitter.

No. Registered conscienscious objector (Not to mention the fact that i used my draft card to roll a joint at an anti-war rally in college. Tasted terrible). But i do come from a military family. My grandfather served in WWII, and it destroyed him. I've lost several cousins in Iraq and Afganistan, one uncle who died in Vietnam and the other came back... Not right. My objection is not so much with the military per se. I believe in the sanctity of personal choice, and for some, it is the right choice (I am not one of them, but that is not to say others may not be). But it is not a decision to be made lightly, as i said. I have seen the treatment veterans recieve from the VA, and it disgusts me that a promise of decent care should be given them, and then they are given... Next to nothing. A good friend of mine went through paramedic school on the GI bill, and he had no end of trouble. Almost had to drop out a couple times due to the slowness of getting funds. In addition, is it not willfully neglectful to overlook the atrocities at our own doorstep?


I would like to thank you for considering joining our military and being willing to serve. I too grew up around the military. My grandfather was in WWII, my dad retired from the Army and did many tours in Vietnam, and my mother was in the Woman's Army Corp one one of the first German female interrogators. My younger brother, older sister and I all served in the US Army. I joined because I could not figure out what to do, lacked discipline, and was wasting my time. The other posters are correct, you may well die if you serve in the military. You may well die tonight too, but for sure you will die sometime. I decided it mattered more how I lived my life than how I died. I think the military is a great option, and I have to say go US Army since my whole family served there. Your experience will depend on many factors, including the type of job you are assigned. I would suggest you spend time exploring the options and get the most from it. I have a very minor service connected disability. Once a year I go to a VA facility for a checkup. Nothing will make you more grateful for your life and all your problems, than to walk into a VA medical facility and then be able to walk back out on your own accord. Good luck, God bless, let me know if I can help I would happy to do so. 


What was your experience in the Army and your M.O.S? My dad was an Army man, I know more about it than the other branches.

I was a 98C and I had a great time. I went to basic in MO, AIS in Goodfellow, AFB.  I did 2 years at Ft Meade, and four in Augsburg. I was able to travel around Germany, Turkey, and the UK for the Army. I helped with some multiservice and multinational training before the Gulf War in Saudia Arabia. I did a lot of correspondence work while I was in AIS that helped me make rank and made E-5 in 26 months. I worked with all the services and several other nations while I was in the service and really like it. There were hardships to be sure, but I had a far more positive experience overall. 

If you are overweight then you'd need to loose some pounds.  The military is getting very choosy as to who it takes.  They are also cutting back the number of troops.

If you actually join then welcome to the ranks.  Of the three branches I served I enjoyed the Navy far more (we hit quite a few ports so I got to see quite a bit of the world).  As for discipline that comes from within and without it your military service will be very short.


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