F*ck it! I'm shaving my head for now on. Any advise for this newcomer of the bald?

So I've finally come to terms with my thinning hair and kneecap looking bald spot on the back of my head. It's time to say farewell to my hair and embrace the manliness of the shave. I'm only in my second week now and have found that I go through 2-3 disposable razors (Schick ST2) every time I shave. I start by using my trimmer (a mini Norelco), a few sessions with a hot washcloth, followed by a rubdown with shaving cream (Burt's Bees for Men), and then a close shave mirror side. Sometimes I'll do some blind cleanup work under a shower, but other than that, that's about it. I'm finding that this ritual is taking sometime to master and is starting to eat a hole in my wallet. Any advice on a good long lasting razor or a time saver for this new bathroom regiment?

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I've been using the headblade for over five years and cant say enough good things about it.  I use the original sport model with their headslick shaving cream and get great results and very few nicks etc... 

I guess it depends on what you mean by shave, but, if you aren't set on baby-bottom smooth:

I just use inexpensive electric clippers designed for cutting hair, set to the lowest setting, and cut my own hair down to a close stubble once a week, it usually takes about 10 minutes, tops.  You don't need anything fancy - mine came with a bunch of wacky attachments that I've never found any excuse to use.  (The clippers I use are manufactured by Remington, and probably cost me $30... you can probably find the same sort of thing cheaper if you shop around a bit.)

I don't use any creams, lotions, aftershaves, or anything like that - I just make sure my hair is clean and dry before shaving (it does not work well if your hair is sweaty and oily, as sweaty, oily hair seems to tangle and jam in the clippers).

It's not cue-ball smooth or anything like that, but it's comfortable for me, that annoying bald spot doesn't show up, I haven't spent any money on a haircut in years, and women seem to like the way it feels.

I've never gotten any nicks, cuts, scrapes, ingrown hairs, or razor-burn from using electric clippers.   It's never been painful or caused me any other grief, either, unless the clippers need to be cleaned and oiled (in which case, they tug the hair a bit; these clipper kits seem to usually come with a small brush for brushing hair out of the blades with, and a little oil to oil the blades with).

The only down sides are that it can be hard not to miss spots, and the missed spots really stand out if you do it yourself, skip a couple weeks, and rush things (an arrangement of mirrors that will let you see the back of your own head helps a lot in doing a thorough job), and it can be a bit messy (hair everywhere!  I stand in a dry, empty bathtub to do most of the work, so I don't get hair all over the floor and sink and everything).

I've never had to sharpen the clippers even after several years of use (I don't think I'd know how to if I did need to), but they do need to be oiled periodically with maybe two or three drops of light machine oil; the clippers came with a small, leaky bottle of oil for this purpose, but there's not much; replacement oil sold by the manufacturer can be a bit expensive.  When you run out of oil for your electric clippers, I'd suggest using the oil sold in the sporting goods section of your local S-Mart for oiling guns (e.g., "Hoppe's 9 Lubricating Oil" in the squeeze bottles), it seems to work nicely, isn't particularly expensive, and, as near as I can tell, is pretty much the same stuff.

Alas - leukemia made me bald. But I'm finding there are hats that go great with a bald head - like berets.

Also finding it's hard to shave the head without knicking. So, bought a little electric razor, a Panasonic travel razor, and use a Remington product, a kind of powder roll-on that dries the hair and makes it stand up for a closer shave. Also leaves the scalp looking healthy but dry, as opposed to the shiny chrome dome.

my experience is that the cheap travel Razors do a lousy job of shaving your head. For a nice head shave with clippers get a standard hair clippers perhaps wahl or some of the others and run it by 35 dollars and up you can get them at Walmart.

I certainly enjoy shaving with the headblade. Also shave with a double edged Edwin Jagger old fashioned razor both do a very nice job. take care with them. They are sharp.

For a complete discussion on head shaving please see www.slybaldguys guys.comom. A

The guys on sly bald guys give all the tips you need to know about shaving your head.

That's not my experience of the travel razors, especially the Braun. IF you use a preparatory lotion. But I'm going to be bald for several months, not a lifetime, and can't use blades (blood counts - I'd never stop bleeding). I can't see investing a lot of money in a great razor when I'll be back to the blade shaves I love in a few months.

Thanks for the tip RE: slybaldguys - am determined to make the most of my baldness. Hats that look great with it, etc. Have settled on berets - they suit my head.

buy a good set of clippers.

use a mirror.

shampoo your head, it still gets oily.


I tried taking it right down to the wood, but I prefer a # 1 or # 2 setting for a buzz cut and going for the Jason Statham look. 


Have your girlfriend shave it for you.  Relaxing as hell, and can turn into some pretty great hanky panky, especially if you need to clean up in the shower.  I don't shave my head, but I did for a couple of weeks, and it was great.  Feels great, looks cool.

If I was going bald, the No.1/No.0 crew cut/skinhead would be my destination.

No shame, no regrets.

Shave in the shower using as absolutely hot water as you can stand. I shave every other day and get about three weeks to a 3 bladed disposable. I just use my wash gel as a shaving soap.
I used to shave with a straight razor but it was to time consuming. Now I just do the razor gig once a week or so when I feel up to it.

Start with a sugar scrub (coconut oils, sugars, essential oils).

Shave brush and mug shaving soap.

Double Edge razor Short slow strokes.

Then finish for a smooth finish with the Head Blade Sport.


Apply witch hazel, after shave (favorite is Pinaud Clubman), then smooth it off with Head Lube Glossy for a nice shine.


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