F*ck it! I'm shaving my head for now on. Any advise for this newcomer of the bald?

So I've finally come to terms with my thinning hair and kneecap looking bald spot on the back of my head. It's time to say farewell to my hair and embrace the manliness of the shave. I'm only in my second week now and have found that I go through 2-3 disposable razors (Schick ST2) every time I shave. I start by using my trimmer (a mini Norelco), a few sessions with a hot washcloth, followed by a rubdown with shaving cream (Burt's Bees for Men), and then a close shave mirror side. Sometimes I'll do some blind cleanup work under a shower, but other than that, that's about it. I'm finding that this ritual is taking sometime to master and is starting to eat a hole in my wallet. Any advice on a good long lasting razor or a time saver for this new bathroom regiment?

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I can attest to that, got my head shaved as part of a cancer research charity one time. Really quick to clean in the shower, but I couldn't pull a shirt over my head without it getting stuck to my scalp. 

I shaved my head once... It wasn't good. No irritation, none of that (I used my normal shaving routine for my face, after thinning it down with a pair of clippers. Splashed English Leather then followed with Gillette A/S gel). The problem was... well, how do I put this... my head is lumpy. If I ever start losing my hair, I'll shave it again (although I would be the first man in my family to lose his hair. My grandfather had a full head well into his seventies). Until then, if you have the cranium or it, I'd recommend a Headblade (although I used a straight razor) and a good soothing balm or gel. Oh, and don't do it in July. Or, if you must, wear sunblock.

I ran across a depilatory cream for making your head bald when I was looking for mustache wax at Target.  According box it works in 4 minutes and don't leave it longer then 7 min.  Seems like a good option for shaving also.  But I like shaving else I would have bought it.  

As some one who keeps the top of his very balding head at 1/8 inch or less, get a couple of hats.  If you leave your windows open at night you might want a watch cap or some such for sleeping in.


I know plenty of guys are quite sensitive about hair up top - or lack of. But I concur, the comb over is a non starter. Who are they trying to kid? Buzzed or smooth is much better looking (this from a guy who jokes about doing a comb over . . . Of his back hair!) And yeah, keep a couple good hats in this arctic blast. I do the every couple week clipper thing at home, with closest blade guard. No billiard look yet. 'have the dignified greying temples.

I shave my head every other day with a Gillette Mach 3 and shaving cream at the sink.  I use about 1 cartridge every other week.  I think my routine is much cheaper than the disposable razor routine.  Also, I console myself about the $ saved on haircuts.  

I have been clean shaven for many years now and I can only say it gets easier. I use a pro glide (?) 4 or 5 blade combination razor that I replace the head on every couple of months. I shave almost exclusively in the shower after learning all the angles to use and spots to check by touch.  Head and face - all clean shaven in a few minutes, or more. No mirrors, just a tactile inspection and quick look in the mirror afterwards.

I traveled for many years and would bring home lots of bottles of shampoo & conditioner from hotels.  I know it sounds crazy - but using a funnel I would pour all of these bottles into a large pump bottle, and the mix works well as a shaving lather and all over body soap.

I was just introduced to Ray and his wife at a wedding. We stood a sociable distance from one another as he told me he was a hair stylist. Ray was black and bald. My question was direct and I really wanted to know "Ray - can a white guy get away with that?"  I expected a quick simple answer but instead Ray quietly walked over and 'inspected' my crown. He walked around me, feeling my head and making deep observations. Then with expert eloquence he declared that "yes" I could shave my head - my crown was symmetric, no huge divits.

It was a funny strange encounter that I'll always remember

So I just tried a combination of a Gillette Mach3 disposable and a gel from The Real Shaving Co. - and WOW! This has got to be the best shave, other than from a barber's straight razor, I have ever had. The Mach3 cut through my whiskers like hot butter while the gel helped me see exactly what needed to be shaved. No nicks or irritation (and I have psoriasis). I think this is the way to go for now on.

Recommendations on a good aftershave? I use both lightly scented beard oils and waxes for my mustache (see profile image). The scents I usually go for range from woody to spicy vanilla. Now I don't want something too strong though just light enough to waft through the air. Any thoughts?

Having shaved my head for many years I swear by Headblade and all of their products.

Ok bro I been shaving my head for a few years now get a head blade! takes a minute to get used to but once you do you wont regret it. I have used one for years now and they rock!

I got the http://www.headblade.com/product/503004.html and the http://www.headblade.com/product/150000.html which is there shaving cream. 

I have tried other regular shavers and all that and if you want a real close smooth shave this thing delivers. 

If you dont mind the stubble look go electric thats kind of how I got started to get used to not having an hair at all.

I've been shaving my head for about four years now. 

I've found that my scalp is much more forgiving than my face. I shave with Barbasol on my head, and shaving soap on my face.  I use a safety razor. It's by-far the most economical way to shave. I can get 50 blades for <$15 on Amazon. 

I put in a new blade for my face, then do my head next. Shaving once with the grain, then a second time against it. Then the blade is done. 

If my hair gets too long between shaves, I buzz it with a good set of clippers first. 

After shave is witchhazel and Nivea. 


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