Is Software Development a manly skill? Or is it hipster?

My job is web development, so I'm doing it regardless. But in my free time I like to explore different tools and languages. I'm just wondering if I should be using this time for improving more traditionally manly skills.

The media gives this California/Mark Zuckerberg/Hipster view of computer programming. I'm definitely not like that. So I struggle with how much of a programmer I should be and how much I should understand manly skills like how to be a carpenter or do my own car repairs, etc.

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So is the person who wrote the code to deliver the military hardware to it's destination manly?  Well they work with weapons making them deadly.  I'd say so.

Programming is a skill and an art.  Allot of it is based in hard science and math and its implementation is a balance of many factors. 

But I'm a computer engineering trained web developer so I'm biased. 

"So is the person who wrote the code to deliver the military hardware to it's destination manly?  Well they work with weapons making them deadly.  I'd say so."

The person who wrote that code might have been a woman. Does that still make her manly?

Or the person who wrote that code might be a private contract worker who also codes for Candy Crush, Pinterest and the official Kim Kardashian mobile app. Still manly?

All very good points!

Real-time embedded firmware (like in a missile) is as manly as ball sweat.


Ah well, according to my experience with some of our contractors a lot of it just seems to be creating a less malfunctioning version of the software over and over again. :P

This of course is not called bad quality it is called agile software development and iterations. Aka. let our customer find all the bugs we did produce.This seems to be a strange kind of art unless you say that learning from mistakes is a art, this would make developers some of the greatest artists in the world ;)

If you read about the pitfalls of waterfall development, which is the opposite of agile development, you'll see that, in many cases, it's better to incrementally encounter a small number of bugs more often than to drop a fully baked product that's full of bugs and to try to deal with it in one big swoop.

The concept of development driven by testing from that development of agility would exist in possession of merit. One would engage in such for the majority of development which one would engage in.

Guys... sarcasm! I prefer the agile approach to the old school way..

"Here is your car !"

"Why arent there any tires?"

"What do you mean by it doesn't have tires? You didn´t specify, that a car should have tires, how should we have known that you want tires on the car?"

Iam just mocking the software industry a bit.

In the event that said automobile fails possession of tires, said automobile would fail ever the requirement for retirement...

I think the waterfall model gets undeservedly horrible press.  It's the basis of other methods.  It's like complaining that phonics is too basic and not always applicable.  True, but you have to start with the basics.

None of the the "Traditional manly skills"  the OP mentions are inherently "manly."

I was working with a female auto mechanic four decades ago.  A friend knows a woman or two in another city's carpenter's union (not the local's secretary, either).

Working with computer languages and writing original programs is hard work.  You don't get sweaty, unless the A/C goes out, but it's a mental challenge and demands absolute perfection in order to make the end product work.  

My only advice for your spare time would be to devote some of it to keeping the physiical man fit, and some of it to pursuits that don't involve the keyboard and monitor.


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