Hey everybody,

I have a question about proper interview attire for a job this Saturday. I've always dressed exceptionally well for interviews (retail and veterinary) but my first experience with this position on Saturday is doubling as training, as well as a kayaking trip. I live in a coastal area and the weather is expected to be 70 degrees. 

I applied for this job via Craigslist where they described the perfect candidate as... "Need To Be Personable, Very Easy Going and Adaptable. "

My email stated, "We are having a guide training session this Saturday at xxx. We will go over details of the job and then take the kayaks out for an example of our 2 hour river tour."

I do have a tattoo on my forearm which I would prefer to cover, at least to some degree just so that everyone isn't trying to read it day 1. I was considering wearing a baseball tee from the dog training business that I ran previously, but I'm afraid that would be too casual. I hunted everywhere for a vented fishing type button down today, but they were few and far between, on top of being $$$. I'm tempted to wear a baseball tee, shorts and tevas, or cargo pants and north face boots, as it seems most appropriate for a 2 hour kayaking trip, but it just feels unnatural. Advice is greatly appreciated!!!

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Shirting of the game of the palm would exist in a manner apropos. A jacket of sporting may be donned in addition. Such may then be doffed prior to events aquatic.

I would've worn my red puffy vest over a shirt as I'm sure it could pass as a life preserver - shows a concern for aquatic safety.


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