Have any of my fellows emigrated from one country to another?

I’m curious as to reasons one moves and how things went.

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I believe he is is imply that "mainlander" is the non-pc term, but I've heard both "mainlander" and "come-from-away" used as slurs.

CFA was a polite term when I lived home. I heard MP Scott Brison in NS recently speaking poorly about it. I guess it too has become a slur in my absence.

Interesting.  As with many things, words are contextual as to meaning and implied underlying significance. 

That and the constant rain/snow/fog/wind pretty much sums it up.

"Our gas cost more, our food costs more, to get anywhere off the island is either a long drive plus ferry or expensive flight"

That is part of living on an island. Island living is not for everyone.
I'm Swedish, immigrated to Missouriunder a K1 visa, meaning I met a cute girl, and we decided to get married.

The paperwork is a nightmare. Because of problems with an American lack of ÅÄÖ, my surnsme is spelled differently on my greencard than on my social security card.

But, with some periods of, "I just want to drop this shit and move home", I'm happy here. And I don't think I would be in Sweden.

American history is full of immigrants' having their names changed when they arrived here.  (My wife's maiden name from her German-born grandfather was Käser, and they spell it the [alternative?] German way of Kaeser.  But in other parts of the country we've seen it also written Kaser and even Kayser or Kayzer.  And by the way, Käser means "cheese-maker"; it is different from Kaiser, which means "emperor" [according to Google translate].  And my wife's family pronounces it "KAY-zer," not trying to get involved in the whole ä/ae pronunciation thing.)

When I exchanged my California drivers licences for a Mississippi one. The clerk asked my mom's maiden, name which is German.  I spelled it for them.  No "odd" characters in the name, simply the German spelling.     They asked if it was correct.  I said yes why?  "Thats not how we spell it around here".  I replied with "Its German."

Yeah, for every foreign sounding surname in the US there's about a million different ways to pronounce it. Most don't even try to pronounce mine. XD

But the differing spellings is my fault. I had so much on my mind when I immigrated that I didn't think about it when I applied for my papers, and the end result was that I Americanized it in two different ways...which will now cost me about 400 dollars to fix.

Oh well, c'est la vie.

For several years I lived on the Maryland-Pennsylvania border.  I learned things like what is put inside a turkey at Thanksgiving we call stuffing or dressing; in Pa. it's filling (which to me sounds like a pie).

Of course when I moved from the South to Ohio I had to (1) stop saying y'all because it always made people laugh (they made fun of people who moved from Kentucky to Ohio), (2) start saying "you guys" even to a group of women, and (3) start calling soft drinks pop (it's soda in Md.).

Getting back to Pennsylvania (where they often say "yous guys" (yous is pronounced like you plus an added "z" sound), there was the German name Lutz.

I was told by a friend with that name that in Maryland it rhymes with "huts," but in Pa. it rhymes with "cooks."  She lived in Pa., so I asked her why she pronounced it the Md. way.  Her response was that she married a guy in Md. and that's where she spent most of her life.  (I guess she didn't want to change the pronunciation when changing states!)

Oh, and I forgot to mention the name Cooper.  In Pa. it's pronounced to rhyme with "cooker," while in Md. it rhymes with "scooper."  (I decided not to say that it rhymes with "pooper" cuz that could be offensive to any Coopers in here.)  ;)


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