Have any of my fellows emigrated from one country to another?

I’m curious as to reasons one moves and how things went.

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I left the U.S. a little more than 2 years ago to live in the Philippines. I am not currently a resident (I am still too young to apply for the Special Resident Retirement Visa at the lower rate). I am living here on a tourist visa, but that does allow me to lease a house and have a local drivers license.

Why did I become an expat? It's complicated. I am retired military. I spent a lot of time on deployments here in the South as part of the "War on Terror". During that time I met a woman and we now have 3 kids (the youngest at about 3 months). So part of the reason I moved here was for my family. The lower costs of living is another reason. My primary source of income for the moment is my retirement. I support my family here on about $2000 USD/month. I could never do that in the States. The government is terribly corrupt here.....but it is in the U.S. also......its just easier to tell when you are being hustled here. And a final reason for moving here is that I spent so much of my adult life overseas/deployed to dangerous places that I really would not be able to adapt to living in the U.S.

All my good friends have moved from New Jersey to Pennsylvania; does that count?

As a Pennsylvanian I approve this message. 

Ha ha.

Moving from California to Mississippi can feel like a trans national move at times.

I moved to from the U.S. to Canada 2 years ago to do a MSc. I met a girl and am currently staying in Canada on a work permit. Newfoundland (where I did my MSc) was a big cultural difference but Ontario (where I am now) is pretty similar to the U.S.

Would you proffer enjoyment for such a sojourn of the Kingdom of Canada?

Ontario is basically the same as the midwest United States. Newfoundland was a hard place to live but it had gorgeous scenery, unique culture, and kind people. I am glad I had the chance to experience living there.

"A hard place to live" in what way?


Our gas cost more, our food costs more, to get anywhere off the island is either a long drive plus ferry or expensive flight. Get in your car in Toronto and you're five hours from New York, Boston, or Chicago. Five hours from St. John's and you're somewhere in the middle of Newfoundland. Five more hours to go to get to the ferry another 6 or so on the ferry and then you're still just in the eastern edge of cape Breton.

I'm from St. John's Newfoundland but live in Ireland. I had a bigger cultural shock going from Newfoundland to Ontario than I did from Newfoundland to Ireland.

I think too that for a person moving to Newfoundland it can be difficult to not feel like a visitor. Newfoundland is very friendly (the more I travel the more I realise how uniquely friendly it is) but it has an island mentality. Kind of like Ireland. You are either from there or you are not. Irish people kind if laugh at Americans who say they are Irish because their great great grandmother etc was Irish. Likewise, I could stay here all my life and I'll never be "Irish" despite being made to feel very welcome. Newfoundland is similar. You are welcome to stay but you'll always be a mainlander (or the more PC term used these days, come-from-away).
Farley Mowat once tried to live in rural Newfoundland (has some books from that perspective, one part of which he even writes about going to "town" to shop and shares the rural persons scorn for the city folk) but later became jaded with his neighbours and considered them savages. Officially he attributed this to their treatment of a whale (in "a whale for the killing") but I wonder if their rejection of him as a member of their Newfoundlander "tribe" was another hidden reason.

So what is the non-PC term for mainlander? 


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