Does anyone else have this problem?  Whenever I load up any page on this site, I get a huge gap at the top:

...on every machine I try with IE, but only with IE.

I'm moving away from Chrome, which sometimes disables features including chat, reply to post, and features on other sites.

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I use IE and get “the gap” as well.

No problems with Firefox, Safari or Chrome. I don't have a copy of IE handy to test. 

I am currently, however, getting a malware warning, but am assured that they are working on it. 

Google gives me a big warning about malware and seems to not let me continue and actually go to AOM.

My guess is that some of the ads are what’s triggering the malware warning.

A couple years ago there were a few weeks on the site where my malware would pick up around 50 “web threats” every time I came to the site. I don’t remember the details but I believe those were all ad related. In no way did they actually cause a problem for my computer or contain any malware.

Maybe the huge gap at the top of the screen is our protection blocking a big banner ad that registers as iffy.

Side note… I can’t post replies when I have my InPrivate browsing turned on. No idea what that’s about.

Anytime internet explorer is involved there is a problem. IE is for old people and Koreans.

I agree with you but I might add Spaniards to the list. Some companies may still require you to use IE and not allow you to install anything else. I am definitely not defending those companies I'm just sympathetic to the folks on here who are in that situation.

Why the hell Tor is using IE is beyond any explanation I can come up with.

I'm ditching Chrome because it keeps barfing on some sites, mostly AoM.  Won't let me chat.  Won't let me reply to a post, like I just did here.  I suppose I could re-install it, but since I don't know what's wrong I don't know when it'll happen again.


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