I'm not a samurai 

I will never be a samurai

This is sad.

I am very sad about this.

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Aside from the actual social status in that specific society and the martial skills, this:

You will never pledge your life and honor to a shogun.

You will never live a life of servitude to powers greater than you.

You will never master war through a lifetime of martial living.

You will never test your skills on the batttleield.

You will never fight shinobi in open combat on the fields in the Iga valley.

You will never commit seppuko due to your inglorious defeat.

Life, is suffering.


Too tall?

The samurai from feudal Japan would find themselves in a difficult mess in today's world.  As much as I am a fan of this time period, I do find it appalling to know that the samurai were arrogant and brutal to the commoners, as so much that they could cut one down without any reprise.  The key is to apply the virtues of Bushido for the warrior of today.  To what that applies to opens up many possibilities to discuss.  

Based on what I see in your profile, these schools in your area teach Japanese sword fighting:



You'll never be an actual samurai because that time has come and gone, but you certainly could learn kendo, become proficient at it, compete, teach, join its international community, etc.

Ah nice thanks!


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