This is my introductory post! I really like this website and all the articles on the art of manliness, so I figured I'd join the forum and see whats up with everyone else who enjoys this website as much as I do. I'm looking forward to having many discussions and growing with you gentlemen, and ladies.

So to tell you a bit about myself. I am a 23 year old infantryman, born and raised a Texan but currently stationed at JBER, Alaska. I'm fortunate enough to be married to an amazing woman and beautiful little girl ( almost 2 years old)  Enjoying life and slowly becoming a better man every day.

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Dang! I'm really not cut out for this. Better not quit my day job.
No worries Ashton. I will just have to start selling franchises.
You can corner the hot coco market. Wrong demographic for that in my little corner of the world. Here it is strictly icecream, coconut juice and occasionally a mango shake.

Welcome Ashton!  Cool name! My cousin in Sweden has a son named Aston, which has a similar Texas-Alaska vibe to it!  anders

Sweden?! Very nice! Never been to Europe myself. But I do love me some swiss gear & rifles.

Swiss is from Switzerland and Swedish is from Sweden, and both have gear and rifles and are easily confused.  Ask someone in Europe the difference between Iowa and Ohio and they're equally confused. What European gear do you like the most? 

I know the difference on paper and could probably point each out on a map but my experience with Europe is limited to swiss gear and the German military.
I'd say that my favorite European weapons are swiss as well as things like luggage, bags, and military packs. Germans have some nice military clothing and support gear.

The Swiss are a bit crazy with gear and weapons.  I once had a client in Switzerland who kept a panzer as a weekend hobby car.  I'd hate to be his neighbor and get into a gardening dispute. 

Hah! Sounds like my kind of guy.


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