This is my introductory post! I really like this website and all the articles on the art of manliness, so I figured I'd join the forum and see whats up with everyone else who enjoys this website as much as I do. I'm looking forward to having many discussions and growing with you gentlemen, and ladies.

So to tell you a bit about myself. I am a 23 year old infantryman, born and raised a Texan but currently stationed at JBER, Alaska. I'm fortunate enough to be married to an amazing woman and beautiful little girl ( almost 2 years old)  Enjoying life and slowly becoming a better man every day.

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Welcome from another FNG and Thank you sir for your service to our great Country

Welcome Ashton!

My name is Victor and I am also new on here and about your age (22), not married yet but I do have an amazing woman in my life too. I'm currently studying Medieval History to become a scholar and university teacher. But I've also been developping physical and practical skills more thanks to AoM lately.

What about you? As an infrantryman, how does AoM help you become a better man?

AoM helps me mostly as an occasional tune-up. For example articles on frugality when I recognize I'm in an overly consumerist mindset. Or small things/ideas to show my wife & daughter how much I care...especially when I'm away from home, or extremely busy and fatigued. I also suck at reading people and telling what they think or how they react to me...which is vital as a soldier/leader.

AoM helps with all that for me too. I live 500 miles away from my family because of work and I also work at night pretty often. Definitely not the same as being stationned in Alaska, but distance is still distance, no matter how far you are, I guess.

Talking about Alaska, how is it up there? I've seen a documentary about life in Antarctica recently ("Antarctica, one year on ice" by Anthony Powell: strongly recommend it) but it's probably a lot different. Maybe it made you develop manly skills you did not have previously?

500 miles is no slouch and I am never going to suggest that my life is anymore difficult than anyone else's. But I definitely feel ya man. Alaska is like a completely different world when compared to Texas or Louisiana. Definitely learn some life skills. How to wear clothing that'll allow you to travel many miles, shoot, sprint, and sleep throughout the day and night down to the -30 or more. Driving on ice. Seeing moose the size of cars sitting on the side of highways. It's great man.

Sounds awesome! Did you have to pass a fitness test in order to be stationned there? I would be interested to know in what it consists.

No fitness test required other than what you normally have to do as a soldier.
Which I should say is generally two things.
12 Mile ruck March in under 3 hours with a 35lb ruck ( not including water)

And the army pt test..which consists of
2min pushup
2 min situps
2mile run
The scores however vary on your age but regardless you should want a 270 out of 300 possible points. (Or better)
Hello Ashton and welcome. I spent over 20 years in the Army with about 14 years on jump status. Last time I was in Alaska was on an exercise called "Brimfrost" in about 1989. I became a member of the 70 below club.
Bring on the global warming.
That's great Sean'o!
I unfortunately did not get to participate in a similar airborne operation due to my involvement in the U.S Army Small Arms Competition.
I would rather be on the range than in the cold any day!! There is a reason I retired to the tropics!!!


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