How to workout in order to look rugged like yesteryears Guys like Charles Bronson etc?


Anybody noticed the different look of todays trained men and those of the previous decades?Todays guys are slim well toned with perfect abs. Yesteryears guys were more compact had more size without being shredded out. What did they do differently? Did they do physical labor like Charles Bronson? Less isolation exercises and more the basics? Can somebody recommend a site on old school fitness training? How did they train from the 40s-70s?


Bildergebnis für fitness model mann

Back in the day:

Charles Bronson

Bildergebnis für clint walker body

I suppose they did basic stuff, like squats and deadlifts, did manual labor and manly activities like horseback riding? 

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They had less conveniences back then. Pretty much everything was manual labor. That's just what a man used to physical labor looks like. That bottom pic looks like my dad's physique and he never hit the gym except in high school football.

All the Hollywood guys eventually went through Gironda's gym, including Bronson. For Bronson, in that pic, I can just about bet his routine was similar to this:

Everything on maintenance except:
-Guillotine presses 10x10
-Drag curls 10x10
-pitchers 10x10

Run that for six weeks on a high protein diet. Old school guys believed in "muscle shifting". They used another name for it I don't recall. But basically, if you do the big lifts in maintenance mode, and the vanity lifts big, all the extra protein will go to build the vanity muscles while the rest stays static. But, you also need a muscle base to make it happen. If you're new, nearly all your training for the first 6~24 weeks goes into CNS training and not muscle building.
That last guy? It's called genetics + a lifetime of eating real food + being active.
That last guy is Fess Parker. 50's and 60's star, most notably Daniel Boone.
Clint Walker from Cheyenne.

Okay, since I am a millenial, I must replicate manual labor somehow. I think my recipe is compount movements plus plenty of activity. No Isolation exercises. Maybe high volume lifting with sandbags will do the trick. They repeatedly moved heavy loads using the entire body.

Run pic related until Thanksgiving. While you're doing that, read:

-Starting Strength (compound lifts)
-Simple and Sinister (high volume)
-Dinosaur Training (odd shape lifting)

Brooks Kubik was pretty influential when I first started. I still think he did a lot of pretty good stuff. Great if limited equipment or tight budget.

Yeah. I found him too late to be infatuated by his HIT. But, his methods intrigue me. I'm still using a fat bar for upper body lifts.

I never really got into HIT, no matter whose version it was. I did like his odd object lifting and dumbbell stuff though. I guess that is why today I am a fan of Dan John, though I don't often do his type of training.

The guys on top train to look like that utilizing specific workout routines to maintain low body fat and toned muscles with separation between them.

If I were you trying to gain the bottom picture physique, I would focus on a healthy diet, low rep / high weight power lifting movements (squats, bench, dead lift, power cleans) and just be active (running, walking, biking, etc.).


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