First off, for the few who may somehow remember me from a few months ago, it's good to see you again. I've been told that I like to romanticize my stories, so I apologize ahead of time for what could be a long post. I'm just in the mood to use these early hours to project some thoughts for anyone who cares to listen.

I am a young man in my early 20's that has always been raised and taught that many of the old ways are, and always will be, the best. Whether it's in how I dress, how I eat, my work ethic, or how I speak, my parents, grandparents, and a couple of close uncles made sure I was given a good example to follow. I have no problem with progression and a safe sense of open mindedness, but there are still some issues I've seen first hand as an adult where I feel like our society and culture are completely broken, and don't look to get better any time soon. One of those issues being the art (or should I say lost art) of proper communication and etiquette. 

I have a new part time job to help pay for school where I am constantly working right in the middle of people several years my junior. Because of the facility that it is, I see many families together and therefore see how the different generations engage one another in conversation, and how truly depressing it is to me. I realize that some are simply not good conversationalists, but it has also gotten to the point where people can barely get points across, and that's if the point is even worth getting across to begin with. I have never been one to curse or use foul language, and therefore am more turned off by it than most, but I truly feel that the increased use of it has helped many (youths especially) to become lazy and thoughtless with their words. Now I grew up with adult males in the family using those "four letter words" as we call them, especially when they were together and a little alcohol was there to lighten the spirit, but they knew there was a line you didn't cross. It was an unspoken rule, but a definite rule none the less. When ladies enter the room, you straighten up and speak properly. 

Yesterday I was in the company of four young adults, two boys, two girls. When one of the two boys stepped outside to jump in the conversation, he immediately started in with some very foul language. The kind of mouth you don't kiss your mother with for sure. The other went right along with it, and we had two young ladies no older than 17 listening to these two boys talk about their own genitalia in a jokative, yet very crude manner. It was at this point that the "old man" in me kicked in, and I got onto both of them for speaking that way in front of the two young ladies. I was made fun of for the rest of the evening by the two boys as being "injected with the 70's". Though being considered old fashioned has never been an insult to me, it still was incredible to me how young people speak to one another with no regard to what were once definite manners. I don't think it's any surprise that these people who grow up together rarely end up having deep respect for one another.

It seems that much of those hard and fast rules that the adults taught us even as little as ten years ago have suddenly faded away, and with it, I see a decline in our society. There is little to no accountability. Regardless of the situation, it is always someone else's fault, and common respect is completely out the window. The adults talk and the kids refuse to listen. They have no idea that what they are doing is wrong, because no one has ever bothered to tell them it is, and it has given birth to a world where 12 year-olds run around seeing no problem with crude sexual innuendo emphasized with the use of F bombs. While I do feel that foul language should most always be completely avoided, I don't believe my concern for poor communication can be solved just by cutting out the colorful words. I think it runs much deeper than that. I think it's about time more people start saying to these young, hopefully promising adults that you don't talk like that in front of a lady. 

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Back in my youth I screwed up and had to do some community service. I chose the city pound. Do that for enough hours, you don't want to again. 

Anyway, I remember one day there was this beautiful, huge Malamute. F'er got lost or something, cause damn. If you have never been in the pound, it is non-stop dogs barking. Two times that day, that big f'er barked once. Loud, booming, unmistakable for any other animal there. We had at least 5 minutes of silence in that room. I loved that dog, if I wasn't in the Corps living in the dorms with my outfit, I would have gotten it. Have never forgotten.

You remind me of the other dogs. Are you trying to win something right now?

What if I really enjoy swearing and even use swearing in a creative fashion?

My take is, only in company you know (and who you know doesn't mind it). 

I'm no prude. But can you take the chance that your creativity makes a lady uncomfortable? That's the point, right? 

I don't see women as needing to be coddled, if they have an issue with me, they can say something themselves and it can be dealt with like that.

Why cause them discomfort and force them to speak up? Or men? Most people aren't that assertive. Do they deserve to be ground under heel? 

I think I'm going to go home and watch the South Park movie tonight

Funny enough, I have been in an escalating battle with the wife to get her to cuss less , both in public and at home.


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