How to meet new people and expand my network of friends?

I have a small group of friends whom I hang out with regularly. I've known one friend for about 6 years and the other few I have met over the years through him. We still hang out, but it's gotten to the point where I am tired of the same people. Some of the faults with my one friend are that he is cheap and always makes excuses to avoid paying, he does not like going to places other than typical bars, but he does have that selfish mentality where he's always looking out for his benefit. The other friends are either overly obsessed with sports and are the typical college-frat-boy type that likes to go to a club with loud music and drunks.

I am not a fan of the club scene, but I do feel that I am a social person. I enjoy talking to people and striking up conversations (the loud music in the clubs is the primary reason I hate going to them because I can't hear other people speak) I am a history junkie and could talk about historical events all day. I love talking about anything that is educational although I do not mind talking about sports or other topics. My group of friends are just starting to get boring because they are still living like they are college freshmen.

I am 25 and am wondering how a person in my situation can meet new people with similar interests? Work is not a good place because I work with middle-aged married people, most of them being moms. It's pretty odd because I am tall and of muscular built. My appearance would fit the stereotype of the typical meathead jock, but my interests are what many would call nerdy.

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I guess it depends on where you live. If you are in a more rural area, then I suppose it would be that much more difficult to meet people with similar interests, but if you are in a more urban area, then you should be able to find any kind of group that you are looking for, but you just have to go out regularly and make the effort.

Invest in a hobby. I know when I started scuba the dive shop sponsored group trips to pretty exciting places. I met a lot of people that way. Same for my martial arts class.

I definitely can write  you from experience...i've recently expanded my male network of friends by just meeting one person, i recommend church, i don't care for the club scene either but i've been reintroduced to the bar scene and its awesome way to network and meet new people. But i feel you ive recently droppped alot of dead weight regarding friends...its nice to meet new ones that 's for sure

Are you really in Chicago? Chicago has a film festival, architecture tours, a few universities, and on it goes. Just start going to events that interest you, and be willing to say to someone you've just met, "Do you want to grab coffee/dinner before/after the next meeting?"

You can find events in the newspaper, on meetup, through your alumni office (even if your school wasn't in Chicago), through the universities, etc.


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