Looking for some advice, or similar experiences from others here.  Sorry for the cheesy content.

Just a little background, some of my friends are trying to set me and another friend of mine up. She's a very nice girl and I enjoy hanging out with her, but I just don't feel attracted to her in a romantic way.  At first I didn't do much about it, thinking that they would eventually get the point that I wasn't interested (I really didn't think that she had any feelings either).  Now it's to the point that she wants to hang out just together, and it seems like she may actually have feelings toward me (I've been told that I'm a very oblivious person in that way).  Obviously it's nothing too far yet, but I was wondering if you all had some advice on how I can send the message that I want nothing more than friendship in a gentlemanly way.

I've thought about just being straightforward and saying it how it is, but that doesn't seem like the best course of action.  The part that makes it more difficult is that she is part my closer group of friends, so I see her quite often. 

Thanks all.


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The sooner you handle it, the easier it will be. Make sure she does have feelings for you first though. You don't want to make an ass of yourself.

I think most men are in the exact opposite problem.

Tell your friends how you feel. Also, tell them, thank you for their help, but please stop.

After I got married, I found out that I'd gone on many "dates" that I didn't realize were dates.
I wouldn't worry about it. Be kind, be honest, don't lead anyone on, but don't worry about declaring any relationship. Turns out I married one woman that started as a friend... and she thought a first few encounters were "dates" as well.
I laugh with my female friends now about our "dates" that I didn't recognize as such. We weren't right, they moved on, so did I. Most of them have since found and married other guys.
Don't be so uptight. Like I said : Be kind, be honest, don't lead anyone on, but beyond that don't worry. Celebrate the fact that you have female friends! You'll probably find "the one" because of your relationship with them.


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