I was wondering if you fellas had some suggestions on this subject. As men, and I am sure most if not all of you have felt this at some point as I have, we are often underappreciated. Sometimes it seems like we are not appreciated at all. We are not given the credit that we deserve, we do good and worthy deeds and live honest lives and work hard at our job, and handle our all of our responsibilities admirably, and yet we are not recognized to the extent we should be. It sometimes feels like nobody gives a shit basically. And I was wondering how you guys deal with this. Its like an existential feeling I have. I see these losers, I mean guys over 30 living with their parents and just smoking weed and playing video games all day, and these lazy dumb fuckers have girlfriends and seem in some ways to be more popular than me. And, I gotta think to myself, what the fuck, what in actual fucking ass fuck is wrong with this picture? I ask myself why does the universe treat me this way. Its pure bullshit. I have heard of stoicism, the stoic philosophy, is that the way to deal with this? The manly way? I am just sick of all those inferior douche bags getting away with weak ass behavior while I am twice the man they are and almost no one appreciates me or recognizes my superiority and qualities as a man.  

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I welcome suggestions on how to deal with this and the other thread, Describe Your Ideal America.

Perhaps you are not the person you think you are. Or perhaps you're just highly entitled, with a jealousy problem. Maybe you're so insecure with your own choices, you need to have them proven by people doing less doing much worse than you'd have thought.

Everybody feels that way sometimes, and some people naturally need to feel appreciated more than others. I have never watched It's a Wonderful Life (I opted to watch paint dry instead), but it is my understanding that feeling unappreciated is one of the central themes.

Also, everyone has their own private battles. Some men are useless and despicable, but I would refrain from thinking yourself so much higher, given your reputation here.

Looking at this thread and the other one you created, I'd suggest some self reflection.  Sure, stoicism would be something to look into.  Pick up a copy of Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and read a few passages.  Life isn't fair.  Instead of focusing on other people, focus on bettering yourself. 

"My superiority" what the Fu*k?

//...I am just sick of all those inferior douche bags getting away with weak ass behavior while I am twice the man they are..//

Well.. maybe you should take a look in the mirror.

"my superiority"

Are you sure many people consider this manly?

Anyway, what is so superior about you?

There are in fact a number of things, including my intelligence, my physical abilities, my income, all of which are observably and objectively above-average, or superior, to the average adult male in the US population. This can be evidenced, though not scientifically proven, by things like IQ score, 1 mile run time, amateur MMA fight record, income statistics researchable online from reliable sources such as www.bls.gov 

Oh, my height is superior too, but only very slightly at 5'11". My weight however is "inferior" at only 185 pounds approximately. The average adult man in the US is about 5'9" and weighs about 192 pounds. I could elaborate much further and in more minute detail but hopefully this is a decent starting point that answers your question.

Dude, seriously.

As long as you are looking "out there" for validation as a man, you are not man. 

Validation comes from within.  You know what you are.  Do not depend on others to recognize it.

That said, if you live your life comparing yourself to the "average" man, you are missing out.  

Bottom line, ditch the insecurity of comparing yourself to others, to being superior in this and inferior in that, and just live, man.

If you're looking for validation, deciding not to likely won't work.  

A better solution:  if you're hungry, eat.  Satisfy hunger, don't deny it.

The way you're working to satisfy your hunger now -- comparing yourself to others -- hasn't worked.  What else might you try?

So with all this superiority, what do you think, where's the catch that you're not appreciated.

I think everyone would benefit from at least a little bit of stoicism (going full stoic would both be really difficult and probably not very useful for most people), but something that goes great with that little bit of stoicism is humility.  One of the most liberating realizations I've ever had was that I'm nothing special, and I'll never let anyone convince me otherwise (which I've found to be the most useful way to apply stoicism).  If you're convinced of your own greatness, then of course you're going to feel underappreciated, and that's going to bother you.  But if you're humble, you shouldn't need to feel appreciated.  All praise or criticism is really good for is as a tool to evaluate your behaviour; if you think of it as a statement about your intrinsic worth, then it's probably useless.



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