I was wondering if you fellas had some suggestions on this subject. As men, and I am sure most if not all of you have felt this at some point as I have, we are often underappreciated. Sometimes it seems like we are not appreciated at all. We are not given the credit that we deserve, we do good and worthy deeds and live honest lives and work hard at our job, and handle our all of our responsibilities admirably, and yet we are not recognized to the extent we should be. It sometimes feels like nobody gives a shit basically. And I was wondering how you guys deal with this. Its like an existential feeling I have. I see these losers, I mean guys over 30 living with their parents and just smoking weed and playing video games all day, and these lazy dumb fuckers have girlfriends and seem in some ways to be more popular than me. And, I gotta think to myself, what the fuck, what in actual fucking ass fuck is wrong with this picture? I ask myself why does the universe treat me this way. Its pure bullshit. I have heard of stoicism, the stoic philosophy, is that the way to deal with this? The manly way? I am just sick of all those inferior douche bags getting away with weak ass behavior while I am twice the man they are and almost no one appreciates me or recognizes my superiority and qualities as a man.  

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I like this view point.  Are there texts that showed you this path?  If so do you know where I can source them?

I did not get this from a text, no

The Bible is full of wisdom on humility.

But... it's so hard!

They may have qualities that endear them to their girlfriends.  Such qualities might include humility, humor and not expecting accolades for handling the day to day grind.  

Also those guys over 30 at home with the parents, they may simply be working as hard, saving money to get further later.  Or perhaps they are helping the parents by being around.   
You have some fairly clear judgments on people, women and the world.  Take the time to learn to understand other viewpoints, especially those you disagree.  It might round off some edges. 

You're more likely to be 'appreciated' when you are useful to somebody besides yourself.  You have to benefit somebody for them to have cause to appreciate you.  Almost nobody is 'appreciated' by random strangers for their mere existence, no matter how "superior" they think they are.  That's especially true if they have a habit of pointing out their 'superiority' ... which is obnoxious.

That basement-dwelling weirdo isn't appreciated by all girls.  He's appreciated by HIS girl.  Or a few.  Because he's funny.  Or kind.  Or good-looking.  Or good in the sack.  Or willing to put up with her bullshit.  Or whatever.  He provides value.  To her, specifically.  You don't.  And, she doesn't owe you a damn thing.  The world doesn't owe you a damn thing.

So, go forth and serve others.  Provide value.  Make yourself useful.  They'll appreciate it.  And you.  Maybe.


Everything a man does is because He Chooses To. He does not do it to please others, get acknowledged, or get entitled to feel better than others.
Pats on the back are nice now and then, and will come if you are patient.
Also, newsflash: life is very unfair. A man deals with what comes at him the best he can, learns from it and moves ahead.

If you appreciate yourself, it doesn't matter what others think. It all starts with yourself.

1. Work on yourself.

2. Don't judge.

3. ONLY take 'inspired' action.

4. Train yourself to the above 3 and your life will be what it's suppose to be.

All the best!

By any chance did you actually stop and read this before you sent it? Maybe try it out loud next time and listen to yourself. I don't want to be insulting but the only thing that comes to mind as I read this is that you need to Man Up and Stop Whining. If you were truly confident in this sense of superiority you profess then you would not need the validation of others let alone wig about it here.

I am going to make a guess here and ask you what her name is? Who is the object of your obsession that chose the "cool slacker dude" over you?

Right on the money or way off base either way if you go around with the kind of condescending judgemental attitude that comes through in your post and I promise you will never get the girl let alone win many friends.

I don't know if adopting a Stoic Philosophy would help you much but some self reflection certainly would not hurt.


Telling someone to 'MAN UP' doesn't really solve the problem. Dude obviously has some self esteem issues. These won't disappear overnight. It's a process that can be a long one for most. Be a 'human' first before being a 'man'. People don't change overnight. Everything is a process, everyone is different. 

You work hard, live and honest life, and handle your responsibilities? Great. But the world doesn't owe you anything.

Not recognized to the extend we should be? What are you basing your expectations on? Do you want a trophy for doing your job? 

I don't know why this is striking me as so funny. I guess I'm picturing that trophy. WHERE'S MY TROPHY?!


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