Charles Krauthammer makes this interesting observation:  we are now in a new stage of the war on terror.  ( ; focusing not on his complaints about Obama, but on terror attacks )

Stage one:  terrorists from abroad come into the West to attack.  9/11.

Stage two:  lone-wolf terrorists within the West attack their countrymen.

Stage three:  linkup -- homegrown terrorists in the West coordinated and instructed from abroad.

Is this the beginning of something, or can France and others roll it back?

Meanwhile, in the Third World, we've gone from terror attacks to conquest of territory (Iraq, Syria, Nigeria).   

Also in the Third World, the newly conquered areas are under rule by terror (not to be confused with terrorism); that's a new development.  Maybe it'll be temporary, or end after all Christians, pagans, Yazidi, and Muslims of the wrong branch are exterminated.

There are also things that aren't new but are being noticed more.  [Edit: removing reference to French "no-go" zones -- I haven't had time to vet the story.] The terror of living Jewish in France.  What else?

So:  what else do we know, or can we infer, about general trends?  And what's next?

Ethnic cleansing in France is under way; maybe that's really stage 3.

Another idea comes from this video (link below).  I find it hard to believe, and would like confirmation (or better yet, refutation!).  But if it's true, I think we can see stage four being prepared:  homegrown terrorist cells organized, trained, and directed within the US.  I don't know how long it takes to lay the groundwork for attack, but surely it won't be too long before we see the outcome (again, if this is authentic).

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A fascinating display of idiocy in pursuit of pandering to idiots who believe in this nonsense.

A missionary to Iranian refugees in England was at my church last night. He said himself that there's some Pakistani neighborhoods he would be afraid to go in. He also said that London is practically the Middle East right down the middle of London. I wouldn't be surprised one bit if there are places law enforcement (unofficially) avoids or treats differently due to the huge presence of Eastern culture.

No. Try going there yourself. There is so much evidence to the contrary you really have to consider whether this one person is inventing some observations.

Should I take the word of a condescending faceless voice on a forum who probably faps to himself, or a brother in the Lord who goes into Muslim places for a living? Decisions, decisions.

Don't waste you time on those two. They have a agenda to hate America, like most liberals. Mental midgets.

Not sure if troll...

Obviously the former.

But don't trust my claims just because I said them. Look at the facts--all of the backlash from residents of the "no-go zones," the lack of credibility of all the sources claiming that no-go zones exist, and the latter's apologies at every turn for spreading lies and defaming whole cities without any facts.

Palehorse can you get in contact with him and ask him to specifically name the neighborhood?

Sorry but i cant take this stuff serious. Comparing Europe and in this case London to the middle east is just... . Especially London, it is probably one of the best controlled urban areas in the world.

But yes of course the police does treat areas with different crime rates, wealth status etc. in a different way. They would be incompetent if not.

   From the most cursory of online research, best I can tell London is12.5% muslim, heavy on Turkish, Pakistani, and Bangladeshi. The most dense concentrations are in Newham and Tower Hamlets 

   The London Po-Po have a killer online crime database, and it looks to me like Westminster is the worst hood in London, which is exponentially better than the median hood in the US.


   I've yet to hear anyone - Bobby Jindal-type or Terry Sperling-type actually NAME one of these mythical "No-Go" zones.

*edit: That London Police website I linked allows you to search by crime, including islamophobic, anti-semetic, etc. The gun crime and murder stats are interesting. Hackney seems to have the largest concentration of antisemitism, with a large jewish population and a few big turkish populations, too. Is this the "No-Go?"

% of London population self-reporting as Muslim in 2011


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