Charles Krauthammer makes this interesting observation:  we are now in a new stage of the war on terror.  ( ; focusing not on his complaints about Obama, but on terror attacks )

Stage one:  terrorists from abroad come into the West to attack.  9/11.

Stage two:  lone-wolf terrorists within the West attack their countrymen.

Stage three:  linkup -- homegrown terrorists in the West coordinated and instructed from abroad.

Is this the beginning of something, or can France and others roll it back?

Meanwhile, in the Third World, we've gone from terror attacks to conquest of territory (Iraq, Syria, Nigeria).   

Also in the Third World, the newly conquered areas are under rule by terror (not to be confused with terrorism); that's a new development.  Maybe it'll be temporary, or end after all Christians, pagans, Yazidi, and Muslims of the wrong branch are exterminated.

There are also things that aren't new but are being noticed more.  [Edit: removing reference to French "no-go" zones -- I haven't had time to vet the story.] The terror of living Jewish in France.  What else?

So:  what else do we know, or can we infer, about general trends?  And what's next?

Ethnic cleansing in France is under way; maybe that's really stage 3.

Another idea comes from this video (link below).  I find it hard to believe, and would like confirmation (or better yet, refutation!).  But if it's true, I think we can see stage four being prepared:  homegrown terrorist cells organized, trained, and directed within the US.  I don't know how long it takes to lay the groundwork for attack, but surely it won't be too long before we see the outcome (again, if this is authentic).

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Rather than ponder the existence of the no-go zones, you should ponder if all of this is even real, The ISIS Hoax. 

More on the Muslims of America camp/community/whatever it is:   Text is a transcript of the video.

You don't live too far away from there, Will. I challenge you to actually go to the town and see for yourself. 

How is homegrown terrorism a new thing?

I give up.  How is homegrown terrorism a new thing?

Precisely.  The names change, the players change, but the "game" remains the same.  A brief, non-inclusive US-specific list of homegrown locals who are described as engaging in or encouraging terrorist acts:  The Sons of Liberty. The Freemasons, Ku Klux Klan, the "Anarchist Movement", CPUSA, the IWW, the 1920 Wall Street Bombing (never solved or specifically attributed), Black Panther Party, Symbionese Liberation Army, SDS, The Weathermen, "Sovereign Citizens Movement", Timothy McVay, etal, the ELF.  You sort of get the picture.  "Homegrown terrorism" isn't exactly something that sprang full grown from Zeus's forehead yesterday, and while the political motivations and tactical capabilities may vary, the underlying operational strategy remains unchanged.

Ethnic cleansing in France is under way;

This is a strong statement. What can you provide to substantiate it?

Anti-semitic violence (which includes violence against all Semitic people) is different than ethnic cleansing. That's quite a slippery slope there.

There were two links.  I see you read one.  So far so good.

     I can speak from at least a partially informed point of view about "Islamville" in York, South Carolina.

    The muslims that live there are among the most educated and reliable people in the community. There's never been a shred of trouble out of them, but a drunk redneck did get  arrested for running his mouth and shooting a pistol in the air.

     They're a bunch of people I'd call kooks or a cult, but they're harmless enough it seems. They (like a lot of rural southerners of other religions including christianity) follow a kind of prophet leader of their own, I don't know that I'd exactly call them mainstream muslims and indeed their doctrines and dogma might be in conflict with mainstream or even fundamentalist islam. They have a website.

    I think that they're used as fodder by both sides. Loudmouth muslims on the national stage speak paternalistically about them without even knowing or being in contact with them, and fearmongers of all stripes talk about their "compound"..... Heck, 1 out of  20 people living outside of city limits in the rural parts of SC could be described as living in compounds.


    On the outside chance they're bad guys - don't worry, they're surrounded by rednecks that have been waiting their whole lives to shoot someone. More than likely, though, they'll be the victims of violent crime rather than the perpetrators

Here's Bobby Jindal making a fool of himself:


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