Ok, so I've never worn a beard, and finally decided to grow a goatee (because I hate how every other dude looks like Tsar Nikolay II or like a tramp). At first, it looked great, and suited me (if I can say so myself), but then it started growing too long, and since I didn't want it to look messed up - I really had no idea how to trim it - I just shaved it off.

So here's what I'm asking: how do I trim a beard without messing it up?

P.S. Please don't give me those "how could you shave a beard?!?!?!" comments, they don't work on me. Thank you.

P.P.S. Attached you can find a pic of me with the goatee just starting to grow.

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Get an electric razor, like the kind a barber would use on the back of your neck. Use a guard that will only trim the hairs once they reach the desired length.

Hmm, not bad!

Any other ideas until I get one, though?

Barring such, the solution would exist as the combination of scissors and comb. The execution of such would be tedious, at best.


If you let it grow longer, you can trim it with scissors -- lightly -- and unless you give it a big whack, no one cut will make it look bad.  That's what I do.

For that, you just need an electric razor with a guard. Like the thing a barber uses to do the sides. They're about $20. Get clippers (like barbers use for sideburns) to do the edges.

I use electric clippers with no guard, and just freehand it to get a reasonable shape that doesn't look like I've been shipwrecked.


Oookies, gents, I've decided to bring back my goatee (this time I haven't shaved in a while), but my relatives say it looks like it's been glued to my face (they don't like goatees, at all).

Can anyone give me a third opinion, and if it does look glued, how to make it look more natural? I tried trimming it, maybe that's the problem?

Here's a couple of pics (sorry, the light is horrible in this room, and the cam isn't very good)
Yes, I did try to make Elvis-style sideburns, if anyone's wondering.

Haha what a funny thing to say. I can see why they would say that though. Your hair is very thick on your chin (at least judging by that photo), hence very dark. If you shorten it a bit, it should lighten up, looking less like it was "glued on."

I use a beard trimmer every weekend to tighten mine.  Basically I have it set to 1/4 inch.  If I let it go too long I look much older.

I use a double edge safety razor which provides control for trimming.

 It is a combination of letting it be and taking the time to trim it every week or two depending on the look you are maintaining.

thanks for the advice. now i need to get a trimmer, i guess

Yep.  Also be willing to play.  Worst case you shave it off and start over. 


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