...but one that's interesting to ponder.

Why does American media and pop-culture not make fun of Greenland?

I've seen so many American movies and cartoons where Canada, Mexico, Cuba, Colombia, and other neighbors have been criticized or ridiculed, but never Greenland. Why is that?

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Nothing to make fun of.

How much does the average American know about Greenland? Jokes require at least some base knowledge - be that direct experience, stereotypes, or some other common understanding. 

I could write the most devastating joke about a Kalaallit who goes to a bar in the east, and orders a drink but the Tunumitt thinks he says he was sleeping with his wife. But it's going to go over like a bowl of suaasat on a hot day.

I'm not American but I know that it's fucking huge, technically belongs to Denmark, is mostly uninhabited, and the local population are mostly indigenous northern people related to other northern peoples like the Inuit, Inuk, Aleuts, etc. I also know that it was called Greenland because Erik the Red, when he was banished from Europe and then banished from Iceland, "found" it and then tried to convince his fellow Norsemen to come set up shop there by saying how lush and green it was. Lying bastard. I flew over it on my way back from Iceland to Canada. It was very impressive, from above.

Go on 4chan and ask for a roast.

The only reference I know of to Greenland in popular culture is Reginald Heber's (he was actually English) famous hymn, "From Greenland's Icy Mountains", and that was written in 1819.

Same reason you don't see a lot of comic riffs on Antarctica.  Almost nobody lives there.  Almost nobody goes there.  Make fun of what?  To who?

Might as well be making fun of the dark side of the moon.  It'd be about as relatable.


It is not in our geographic & political area.  Its not a threat like Cuba was, it is not a boarder state.  Nor is it a large importer of problems.

Basically it does not exist for Americans.

Believe it or not, Canada and Denmark (via Greenland) are actually involved in a territorial dispute over a small island between Canada and Greenland that each claims as its own.

Rather than fighting over it, we keep claiming it by leaving a "welcome to Canada" sign on it along with a bottle of Canadian whiskey. Then those fucking Danes show up, drink the whiskey, plant a sign saying "Welcome to Denmark" and leave a bottle of Danish schnapps. So we go back, drink the schnapps, put up our sign again and leave more whiskey. It's a brutal war we've been fighting since the 30s but we'll keep at it forever if we must!

PS: I'm actually not kidding:



As overly polite as y'all are, I have to think that you could take the Danes.  Just invade.  Probably take 30-minutes, and not cost more than a couple of frostbitten toes.


Both sides know that it's an administrative disagreement at most. Danish turf is less than 12 km away on one side and Canadian turf is less than 12 km on the other side so, strategically speaking, that little rock doesn't have any practical value. At this point, the disagreement has become more of a fun tradition for our respective coast guards and navies than an actual conflict.

That's pretty cool.

Oh no!  You paid the Dane-geld!  Now you'll never be rid of him!

But apparently he also paid the Canuk-geld?  Does that mean he'll never get rid of you.

Denmark and Canada, locked in an eternal battle of paying each other off with liquor.



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