Hello Gents, my name is Erik, I live in Ireland and I am delighted to join this community! I have been reading articles and blogs on this site for a long time, but never noticed the "forum" section before :)

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No clue. I don't know how much damage it can really cause. And, strategically, I think it's risky for his opponent because I don't think he gets any points for hitting the shoulder. So he'd maybe cause some damage but also drain his own tank and not win any points for it.

Defensiveness is certain good. I'd just rather see the defensive fighter win by KO or TKO rather than points. Lyoto Machida and Anderson Silva in MMA are good examples of this. They'll evade, block, parry, trap, dodge (etc.) until they see an opening. But when they see an opening, the fucking go for it.

Mayweather has to be a big favourite on his own turf, but you never know, he hasn't fought for a couple of year now and Mc Gregor is at his prime. 70-30 I'd say :)

Welcome to AoM, Erik!!

Do you practice MMA, Erik?

Welcome! I am from Kerry! 

Welcome Erik! What part of Ireland do you live in ?


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