I'm starting to believe we have finally tipped scales. Seems like everyone today wants something for free? I remember joining the Marine Corps. 17 yrs ago and the Marine Recruiter asking one simple question, "why should I allow you to join the Corps?" I was shocked but hooked! Simply said I would have to work hard to EARN something! Has it changed now where more rather than less don't want to earn it anymore?

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Finally? What are you talking about? We've BEEN for 30 years.It's just now coming to fruition for the left is all. 

LOL, I agree Michael, well, I try to keep it real everyday for 3 young boys and let my girls know what a real man is! Keep the flame alive!

Doesn't it feed you, provide a roof over your head, and give you free healthcare? 

Damn reds.

I don't know.  I think we'd need a survey.

I do know that USDA has been working to make this happen with the SNAP ("Food Stamps") program:  to break down the resistance of some groups (in particular, Hispanic men) to getting something without earning it.  They also want to move over to using cards, rather than stamps, as a way of erasing the stigma of taking charity.  I saw online the PDF they have so that you can promote the idea of taking Food Stamps even if you own property and are employed.

This may be simple self-interest.  The more people take Food Stamps, the more secure the jobs of those distributing Food Stamps becomes.

My impression is that in the UK, the process is more advanced, and getting something for nothing, as it's called, is popular enough to be without shame.

Yes. As a 20 year old wanting to achieve all now, I constantly have to remind myself of this every time I reach the point of failure. Why should we just want to make everyone go home happy instead of making people work for things, put in the effort, and realize what it takes? It seems in bits and pieces and that there are those that are trying to toughen up, but not as a whole.

I've been trying to become soft for a while. This cold weather is hell on my skin and no moisturizers seem to work...

Try Aveeno.

My dad (a pharmacist) makes a cream used by offshore oil rig workers. They put it on their faces to protect them from the harsh sea water and wind. It looks like axle grease to me. His product isn't sold commercially so I don't know how you could get something similar.

We're a society of plenty, and have been since the 1940s. Most of us want for nothing, as far as physical needs go. We don't need to grow or kill our own food, fashion our own furnishings, worry about the next meal. 

We worry about things like sports and celebrities. We have become soft - we're also become lazy, both physically and intellectually. Most of us want the easy way out of hard work and challenge.

I used to be that way, and when I discovered AoM two years back it spoke to me - because the harder the fight to earn something, the better you feel having earned it. 

First, I honor your service to this country, and happy anniversary to the Corps.
While there are a few factors out there, I see the entertainment industry as part of the problem. Movies and TV routinely show people in fabulous houses driving expensive cars who never seem to work very hard. The empty minutia of spoiled celebrities' lifestyles are discussed ad nauseum, while the true hard workers and heroes of this country remain mostly neglected by the media.
Sends a twisted message to our young, IMHO, one of entitlement rather than service.

There have always been soft men.  They just live longer now.

In some ways, it is the nature of progress ... modern society is more conducive to being "soft".  We have air conditioning, refrigeration and modern medicine.  We don't have to hunt, kill and field dress our own dinner.  In the U.S., we don't fear invasion or have to train much to defend our homes or families from onslaught.  Blue collar and white collar jobs have replace subsistence living.  We communicate across the globe with ease, we get information instantly, and we're constantly entertained.  We move fast, suffer little, and complain about any inconvenience.

These days, it is easy to become soft.  It takes work and to harden yourself ... and, even those of us who try to do so are nowhere near as hard as our ancestors.  In days gone by, life was short and difficult -- and men were hardened to it.  These days, life is long, and comparatively luxurious.  We're spoiled.

And, this is just the "softness" of the everyday American man ... the ones who work for a living and earn their keep.  Working for a living ain't what it used to be.  We're not even talking about the know-nothing losers, moochers and takers that don't even work for what they have ... the ones living in mommy's basement, or collecting welfare checks, or knocking-up women and abandoning the kids, or playing video games all day while their shack-up girlfriend pays the bills.

The military may be a partial exception.  Military men often aren't as soft as the average dude ... but, we've come a long way since bladed weapons, muzzle-loaded muskets, field medicine that consisted of a hacksaw and a slow death, dumb bombs and cannonballs.  American military men are comparatively hardened ... but even they suffer far less than their forebears in the Crusades, the Civil War, or WWI, for instance.



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