Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I'm David, 23, from New York. I found The Art of Manliness while searching for new ways to improve my dress style. This site provides a lot of valuable information for men of all ages and I plan to take advantage of it! I also look forward to getting to you know folks and joining the discussions around here.

I wish you all a happy 2013. See you around the forum!


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Hi David,

Welcome to the AoM. it is a pretty mellow and intelligent group of men on here. I enjoy them all. So many smart, funny, and insightful guys. If you are looking for ways to improve your style, many of the posts of Leo Doom Occulta are grounded and well thought out. I've learned a lot from his posts. There is a ton of stuff on here, almost too much to take in. Some f it serious - much of it tounge-in-cheek. Makes for fascinating reading. You'll never be bored. Enjoy.

Welcome to the forum, David.


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"Hoping to interact some with you and the group...looking forward to it. Great chest shot! LOL"
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"Yes, I am in Italy. For now, I have noticed a big improvement. I'm trying to improve my food lifestyle. The most difficult thing is the workout, I feel strongly limited but I will try to find the right rhythm"
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"Hmm...I would be curious to hear from other parts of the world with socialized medicine such as Canada and England to see if they have the same issues and put the "increased access and utilization" reason to test. I still stand by my…"
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"Thank's, that's the sort of thing I had in mind."
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"P2) The answer to this is increased access and utilization of healthcare over time. P3) See the answer for paragraph 2. P4) It's the existence of choice - we now have the choice to not just "grin and bear it." Sever and/or chronic…"
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"I'm 6'2 but since I usually slouch people think I'm around 6. I agree that women seem to usually prefer taller men but most don't seem to care as long as the man is at least her height or taller. And I have not met many many…"
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