Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I'm David, 23, from New York. I found The Art of Manliness while searching for new ways to improve my dress style. This site provides a lot of valuable information for men of all ages and I plan to take advantage of it! I also look forward to getting to you know folks and joining the discussions around here.

I wish you all a happy 2013. See you around the forum!


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Hi David,

Welcome to the AoM. it is a pretty mellow and intelligent group of men on here. I enjoy them all. So many smart, funny, and insightful guys. If you are looking for ways to improve your style, many of the posts of Leo Doom Occulta are grounded and well thought out. I've learned a lot from his posts. There is a ton of stuff on here, almost too much to take in. Some f it serious - much of it tounge-in-cheek. Makes for fascinating reading. You'll never be bored. Enjoy.

Welcome to the forum, David.


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"Thanks Tim.  Hope to have more adventures to tell of soon.  I'll look for you in chat next time. HH"
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"I'm not going to have an official weight for you guys until tomorrow but I can guarantee that its not going to be more than a 2 lb loss for this particular week.  Its not what I would have liked and for some reason I just couldn't get…"
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Gentleman Engineer replied to Mike Rissanen's discussion Hello from Canada!
"Salubrious salutations are—indeed—proffered to a fellow subject of the Kingdom of Canada."
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Dave replied to Sir's discussion The red pill
"and that is actually very "blue pill" of them, in the true meaning of that symbol."
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Rick Shelton replied to Joshua's discussion AoM Manly Skills
"I haven't really picked anything up, skill-wise, from AOM.  I've been a hands-on type for a loong time."
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Rick Shelton replied to Joshua's discussion AoM Manly Skills
"When I was stationed in Buffalo we had a guy whose mother would pickle olives in horseradish.  They were so hot one of the Commanders who tried one threw up right there.  Funny as hell."
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David replied to Mike Rissanen's discussion Hello from Canada!
"Welcome Mike! Great to have you."
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