Good morning all, 

I'm new around here but looking forward to getting involved.

I live in a small town in Leeds, Yorkshire, England - grew up here, will probably never leave.

I'm 42, married to an amazing woman and have two little boys, aged 5 and 2.5. Collectively this is my world. The conversation we often have with ourselves about why we're here, our "raison d'etre", what we're supposed to do - those questions were answered for me with my first born. I was put here to be a dad.

I like to run and be outdoors. I'm not very good but I'm trying to lose some weight right now which will make a big difference in more than one area of my life.

Been reading/listening to the Art of Manliness for several years now and so much has resonated, it's simply an awesome site. This is the next stage of that, as I didn't realise there was a community here.

Workwise, I work for a cloud ERP company as their online Community Manager. 

Looking forward to engaging, sharing and learning with and from you all.


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Welcome aboard! Mine are 6 and 8.

Let's see how that running works out. You're inspiring me to get off my rear and run. So I'm going to do that... right now.

Glad to hear you're heading back out for a run - its a great opportunity for some fresh air (depending on you run I guess), some time with your thoughts, and a chance to improve your health a touch. I've been running for a while now, am not very good but do enjoy it. I had a few months out last year and am just getting back in it, although the fitness is hard to get back right now!

Welcome!  I'm 46 and also a dad.  We have two still at home -- 16 and 7. 


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