I've known this girl for a while, and have always kind of been attracted to her. Only until recently did I find myself wanting to ask her and get to know her more. There is one problem with her that I can't seem to get passed, that she like to hang out with lots of guys. I mean lots. One of her best friends is someone she used to date almost a year ago, and all the conversations I've seen her have have been with other guys. One of my primary concerns here is that so many guys really have secret crushes on her, but no one has the balls to ask her out, and she maybe very naive in thinking all of them just want to be friends.

Am I over analyzing this? Should I just not worry about this until after we've been dating for awhile?

PS. I've already taken her out once and thing seemed to go reasonably well.

TLDR; Girl hangs out with lots of guys, is this an issue?

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This is an issue.  Woman like this lead men on deliberately, albeit seemingly innocently enough.  It is a boundary issue, and if you let yourself become emotionally attached, you might lead yourself to heartache when it ends, and she effortlessly moves on to another guy.  Worse still, you will hang on long after it's over, just as the other guy is.

This is just my observation though.

yes or no if she seems to like to keep men on side than yah get out of there but i would say a good most of the time girls that hang out with guys just like the company better guys are simpler and less stressful and im sure most ladies that read this will agree. So you really have to ask does she like to play games or does she seem to be a honnest person.

Yes, they probably are secretly wanting to date her. No, she doesn't want to date them, regardless of whether she's naive or not.

You are freaked out and its only been the first date. Listen to your gut and move on.

You're not the one that's friendzoned, so your jimmies shouldn't be rustled.

Done, no change to my opinion.

I think you might be reading too much into some of that, though I agree OP is kinda clueless.  Still, he got her to go on a date with him, so I see no reason for him not to try to keep going.  Worst case, she decides to only keep him around as another friend. 

In my personal opinion, I would just cautiously (as in protecting your feelings and not getting too attached too soon) move on.  A pet peeve of mine is when guys go nuts when I'm friends with their girlfriend, so I get it.

So you've moved out of your comfort zone, taken this girl out on a date, both enjoyed yourselves, and wish for this relationship to evolve.


And your biggest concern is the makeup of her friends.


Do you not see a problem, here?

i think you guys read to much into the wiley ways of the female mind. when it comes to relatsonships is keep it a possitive one and if it becomes a negtive get out.

Define "hang out".  Are we talking chicken wings in a sports bar, or gangbang in her living room?

None of the guys "just want to be friends".  That's not how guys work.

Its not really your business until you've been dating exclusively for a while.  You've been on one date.  She'll bug-out of you start telling her who she's allowed to be friends with.  Are you sure you're even dating her?  Or did you go out once, and then blend back into her group of dude-friends?

A relationship with a guys'-girl can be a lot of fun, provided she's actually devoted to you.  I'm not sure she is.  I wouldn't want a girlfriend that was keeping ex-boyfriends around as a fallback, though.


It's fine she has male friends. I mean I have female friends, my girlfriend doesn't mind.

It's an issue if she keeps these friends secret from you (as in doesn't want you to know she's talking to them. Doesn't want you meeting them etc.) then you have to ask yourself 'WHY is she being secretive?'

The other potential issue is. Does she have ANY female friends? Simply because it's very odd if she has ONLY male friends. That says something about her as well.


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