It seems that these days fitness and the gym have become popular again (at least, in my part of the world), so naturally, some of my friends and acquaintances started going to the gym and motivating me to join them. Thing is, I have this slight heart issue - tachycardia caused by a piece of muscle growing the wrong way or something - so I'm not allowed to lift weights. That is to say, I don't like the gym very much either - when I see the people there, I get the picture of 1) low self-esteemed people who want everyone to like them, so they do what's hip, and 2) douches who have all the money. Now I don't really care about either group, but I know for a fact that I do need to buff-up a bit - without lifting weights.

Can anyone suggest anything to me?

What's a good pushup\ pull-up\ whatever routine for getting some visible muscles that actually work?

Thank you!

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Thing to realize about pictures in my own head is, they are my pictures.  That is, they something about me, not the people I put them in front of.

If you want muscles that look like you've been in the gym every day, I think the gym is the only way.

But if you want fitness, yes, you already have some ways, incl. hiking.  You can also try calisthenics, running, swimming, team sports, B-ball practice, and working for UPS.

This website has a massive library of body weight workouts.

Some of the naming is silly/stupid/unnecessary, but they get the job done.

I used to do this, but I go to the gym now and apparently am either a person with low self esteem or I am a complete douche with money.  Seriously? 


No doubt. We had to give up the gym when my wife was laid off a few months ago. Nothing helps my joints more, lifting and taking the yoga class. It also does wonders for me mentally.

hey, I only commented on what I saw, obviously it's not all black and white

Still a pretty douchey comment. 

I'm a gym goer. Four times a week.

The gym I go to is all about hip...hip replacement, lol.

With your situation I would get advice from a trained professional, not here.


I used to go to the gym daily but have been off and on for the past couple of years.  Unfortunately the only way to build mass is by tearing and rebuilding the muscles.  This is accomplished by pushing or pulling motion, typically the press...If you have a heart condition that will not allow you to stress your body in that way, you should consider maybe a light aerobic workout, elliptical or long walks etc...or you can focus on functional body strength like TRX .  You can lean down your BMI which will visually increase your mass/buffness.  functional strength is probably going to be your best bet though.  I'd probably steer clear of programs like P90X as they can be a bit intense.  Functional strength is far more useful and healthy than large muscle mass anyway. 

I'm not a doctor though so please consult your physician before starting any exercise regimen. 

Well yes, functional is preferable, but visual should also be there. It's just that since I never cared for gyms, workouts, and pumping iron, I always thought that being buff=being strong (or at least stronger)

while there are those that carry the stereo type you are referring to, there are also a lot of real people who are not creative enough on how to exercise their bodies in regular movement, So we all go to the gym where things are more clear.   What I mean is, - you want to get stronger. The question then should be - how much stronger? and when will you know you have arrived? The best question and answer is when you start feeling better about yourself, and then you know you are on the right path. and then you keep going in that direction.

What I mean about lack of creativity is the crux of your question, if i am interpreting it right. If you want to get stronger, and not go to the gym, you have to get creative.   Biking and Kayaking and swimming are all great.  So is gardening and cleaning the house.

You've seen folks in running clothes, jogging in place at stop lights.  Do the same. It might not be jogging, yet even in your business clothes you can do ab exercises, tighten your gluts and do a kegel or two.

There is opportunities for isometric exercise no matter where you are or what you are doing. 

My place is in the garden, and in summer I get more exercise putzing around a unique garden I formed on a basic city lot that has a sizable slope to work with.

I've heard that a focused cleaning hour or two is great work out and you are rewarded at the end.

my two cents

I'm kinda confused on how the heart thing keeps you from lifting, but not cardio. That doesn't make any rational sense.

Everything I've read shows tachycardia being triggered by heavy, short term, exercise. Like sprints and heavy lifting. Slow steady cardio and light weight high rep weight lifting doesn't seem to effect it. Seems the short term high intensity is what causes the problem.


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